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Force Cards

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May I suggest a Custom Card one card first just try.

Force Kiel D-01 Card

Reduces After Cast Delay by 20%
Reduces SP Consumption by 15%

@npc questshop Cards Category

Kiel D-01 Card (0/10)
Pharaoh Card (0/100)

Pre/Suffix: of Force Reload

This is also to help our MVP hunters sell cards
they got from Bloody Branch and actually make 
every boss in Bloody Branch useful if this is approved,
we can make use of all the other cards inside mvp warper NPC
can also be an alternate farming for newbies rather than just
gold room only.

The Kiel nerf that adds 75% sp consumption is just too much for the jobs that needs it
Mage class is not even affected by it because they regen SP easily due to their max int and sp recovery skill
the delay is reduced by half and not just that sp consumption is 150% more if two cards are worn .

for example Champion it needs Kiel but Dangerous Collect+Fury+Dangerous Collect and few Body Relocation
their sp for asura damage is no longer the max damage because Kiel+75% more sp used took away too much SP
even for Finger Offensive type that +75% more sp used is a problem.

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