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[Event Mechanics] Ragnaforce Monthly Job Showdown

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Ragnaforce Monthly Job Showdown

A 1 VS 1 competition to know who is the TOP 1 on their selected class.



  • A scheduled date, time and specific class will be announced in all of our communication channels (in-game, Facebook page, Discord channel, forums) prior to the event.
  • A registration thread will be opened in the forums a day before the event.  Only 16 players of a particular class will be accepted. Those who wish to join should make sure they are available during the time of the event.
  • Matches will be pre-determined by the use of  a random name picker after registration and before the showdown proper.
    • Round robin matches are to be expected if there would be an odd number of participants.
  • With 16 contenders, the competition will be split into four brackets:
    • Player 1 = first player to be randomly picked from the list.
    • Qualifiers - 8 matches, race to two (2)
      • [Q1] Player 1 (vs) Player 2
      • [Q2] Player 3 (vs) Player 4
      • [Q3] Player 5 (vs) Player 6
      • [Q4] Player 7 (vs) Player 8
      • [Q5] Player 9 (vs) Player 10
      • [Q6] Player 11 (vs) Player 12
      • [Q7] Player 13 (vs) Player 14
      • [Q8] Player 15 (vs) Player 16
    • Semi-Finals - 4 matches, race to two (2)
      • [S1] Winner from Q1 (vs) Winner from Q2
      • [S2] Winner from Q3 (vs) Winner from Q4
      • [S3] Winner from Q5 (vs) Winner from Q6
      • [S4] Winner from Q7 (vs) Winner from Q8
    • Finals - 2 matches, race to two (2)
      • [F1] Winner from S1 (vs) Winner from S2
      • [F2] Winner from S3 (vs) Winner from S4
    • Championship - Race to three (3)
      • [C] Winner from F1 (vs) Winner from F2


Tournament Proper

  • A 5-minute time frame will be imposed for each round per match. No round should be longer than 5 minutes. A contender will gain a point once they have killed the opponent within the give time.
    • In cases where both contenders would still be alive after the time limit, no point would be giving to both. The contender with the higher point will win the match or the next round will commence.
    • In cases within the two rounds, both contenders are alive and not able to gain a point due to the time limit imposed, a dice roll (/dice) will be used to determine the winner of the match.
    • If both contenders have killed each other at the same time, they will both gain a point. In case this happens for two consecutive rounds, either (1) a sudden death round will commence as a tie-breaker, or (2) a dice roll (/dice) will be used to determine the winner. The event master will ask both contenders which option they'd like and both should agree to the same choice for the event master to proceed. If not, the event master will proceed with option 2, via dice roll. 
    • In case they went with a sudden death round and it will once again be a tie, option 2 will be the ultimatum.
  • Once inside the event arena, both contenders will have to wait for the "GO" signal before attacking. Violating this rule will issue a warning. Violating this rule a second time will issue a disqualification for the current round.
  • A call for a disconnection will not be entertained. The connection of each contender is their responsibility.
    • In cases where the contender will get disconnected during a round, a point will go to their opponent, the next round will then commence. The previously disconnected contender may still compete. If the same happens, the opponent will ultimately win the match.
    • If a contender will be a no-show during the match, a point will go to the opponent; the next round will then commence. If a contender is still a no-show, the opponent will win the match.
    • In cases where both contenders will not be present during both rounds, they will both be disqualified and removed from the roster.
  • Contenders will have the option to surrender or forfeit before or during their match.
  • Pets, mercenaries, and homunculi are not allowed inside the event arena. Violators will be issued a warning. A second violation will issue a disqualification for the current round.
  • Donation Items, Sealed Items/Cards and Rare Items/Cards are prohibited in our tournament.
  • Pets are not allowed on the event premises.
    • Here are the list of skills that are prohibited for certain job class.
      • Assassin Cross and Jedi Class
      • Lord Knight Class
        • Thara Frog Card and Ogretooth/Tirfing Card is prohibited.
  • Click HERE to view what skills on certain job class are prohibited in our tournament.

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Rules has been updated especially with regards to the registration. Please re-read and be guided. 😁

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Is Changing armors mufflers weapons are allowed in this job showdown?

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