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PvP Throne System

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PvP Throne System

This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server.



  • This system only works at @go 15 (Training Grounds)
  • If a player becomes the King/Queen of PvP, they will receive a status buff that will increase their ATK, MATK, MaxHP and MaxSP. CiQ5nQi.png


  • Every time that the current King/Queen kills a player, the buff will increase by 1%.
  • When the current King/Queen of PvP is dethroned by another player, half of the accumulated status buff will be received by that player.


  • When the current King/Queen of PvP leaves the/suicides in Training Grounds, the player will automatically withdraw the title of King/Queen of PvP.



Character Name Display when the player is the King/Queen of PvP.


gZ7dSQq.png       inFNl9P.png

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