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All staff members are experienced, trained and organized, we can handle any situation proficiently and in a timely manner. We boast of friendliness, playfulness and professionalism. We are approachable and at your service!

Has the most tedious job of maintaining the server, keeping it up and going. Patches, updates, fixes and changes are all done by the Admin. Admins are usually online but not active.

GM Name: Allison
Location: California, USA
Availability: 10:30PM Onwards


GM Name: Skywalker
Location: Manila, PH
Availability: Everyday



Coders, script writers, content writers, spriters, mappers, and designers. These are the people who continuously work to make sure the server is fun and interesting. Some of them may not have GM Accounts and most are not required to be always on.


GM Name: Zomaerc
Location: Manila, PH
Availability: 10AM - 10PM, Daily


Game Masters (GM)

When you are in need, the Game Masters are here to assist you. They can answer almost anything about the server in general. Like real jobs, some of them have specialties. Nonetheless, they handle all cases that has to do with player abuse, bugs, scams, hacking, ban. Most GMs are players who volunteer their time to help the server. They hold events and quizzes and sometimes just hang around to interact with players to make sure the server is enjoyable and up to standard. Don't be shy to approach a GM and have a chat!


GM Name: Blaize
Location: California, USA
Availability: 12NN-3PM, M-SN | 10PM+ Random Days

GM Name: Fallen
Location: Manila, PH
Availability: 6PM Onwards


Police (Enforcement)

Police. Hunters. Ban Hammer. Ragnaforce Police makes sure that rules are followed and sanctions are appropriate and just. Their title may not sound very friendly (specially to offenders or to people who are planning to violate the game) but they generally nice and can be your best friend if you think your punishment exceeds your violation. They can review your case and represent you for appeals if they want to or need be.


GM Name: Alcadeias
Location: Manila, PH
Availability: Random Time, Everyday


Helpers (Support)

GM Protege, GM in training or simply HELPERS. People who volunteer to step-in in the absence of a GM, they help you navigate through the game. Helpers know almost everything there is to know about the game. They have limited commands and they do not have items or prizes, unless they are allowed to host mini games. They are the most approachable, helpful people around.


GM Name: Laurie
Location: Manila, PH
Availability: 12NN onwards, Random Times - Mostly PM, Everyday


GM Name: Hyperion
Location: Cebu, PH
Availability: 4PM - 12MN, Everyday


GM Name: Ash™
Location: Toronto, Canada
Availability: 12MN - 4AM, 8AM - 12NN, M W F S






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