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WoE Reward System

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War of Emperium Reward System

This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server.


WoE Reward System

  • The player must at least have at least 30 accumulated minutes for them to get a guaranteed 15 WoE Points. This only triggers when the player enters an active Siege Castle.
  • After the first 30 minutes has been achieved, the player will now receive additional 1 WoE Point for every 2 minutes of playing time inside an active Siege Castle.
  • The system will halt if the player is on idle state for fifteen (15) minutes.
  • In case that the system will halt, the player must re-login to re-activate the system.
  • The player must claim the accumulated WoE Points right after the WoE ends.
  • When the player doesn't claim their WoE Points, they won't be able to claim it when the next WoE session starts.
  • The WoE Points can be used to purchase equipments at Guild Manager NPC.
    • To access the NPC, use the @npc guildmanager command.



WoE Longest Defending Time

  • Every member of the guild with most defending time on the Siege Castle receives a mail right after the WoE ends.
  • After the WoE ends, there will be an announcement about the guild who has the most defending time.
    • The announcement will be:

Congratulations! [Guild Name] Guild for being the Longest Castle Defender. Time Defended : XX minutes!


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