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  1. I think WOE 2.0 would solve some of those problems. There will be no precasting random rooms and last minute breaking will be r harder since there are layers to get through to get to the emp. Also all those woe2.0 maps are just perfect for gvg. And maybe replace the hot agit for guild of the month to RWC style of gvg where 2 guilds are on opposite sides of the map at the start then clash at the middle. To determine the champion, they could use their strat for the job showdown where there are winners and losers bracket.
  2. The people playing woe and koe are lessening every week, And I think the cause of it is that people are not motivated anymore. The reward for longest def is not even close to the amount of supplies we use for woe, even when we get the castle the members dont get anything. Unless the guild has a salary w/cas basis just like the old dark ro days. I would like to suggest that treasure boxes to drop DT's by chance so more guilds would form and current guilds will have their source of income. Or maybe instead of 3c, each member will get 30c.
  3. carlitobab


    I tried broadcasting and making pubs. When I say NHP people always assume the costume. I would like to suggest more events that reward NHP or maybe put it in the donate shop or Force points for a day just like black set and red set.
  4. If this is possible then I would like to suggest the new JRO sprites for 3rd jobs. because cool aesthetic brings in more people to play on your server.
  5. I agree on making the scrolls storageable. if my main char cant use it for woe then i should at least get the chance to use it on my farming char.
  6. Also, books are supposed to be the main weapon for professors. I think it should have bonuses for profs since they cant use the margaretha card anymore.
  7. The Icarus Wing + Icarus Book combo is useless for priests right now even if you are support or damage type, Icarus Staff is so much better in terms of damage and Healing. It would be nice if the icarus book + wing combo would give you more damage on holy light and add some % of healing power so that the combo would be viable for priests.
  8. Isn't the 0~1 fossils in F1 too much? specially for solo players or is it to make paleo badges more valuable
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