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  1. Now we've got CGotM, when is Guild of the Month?
  2. Is there any difference between colored (i.e. green) and non-colored (i.e. plain/grey)? Is thara allowed for guild vs guild but not for 1v1 or disabled for all?
  3. gotm when

  4. WoE on this server is dying because very few guilds are interested in GvGing and precasts are incredibly difficult to break if they're done correctly (it actually probably requires a recall past which isn't good design at all). Lots of guilds just play almost exclusively for kills and thus precast the first room for no good reason (grf/lutie guilds) which makes WoE less interactive. Holding a castle is nearly impossible here (without the aforementioned pure precast setup which is anti-fun) so economy is pointless and being the guild holding the castle before the last 2 minutes will more likely than not yield you losing the castle. There is no quick counter to land protector + potion pitcher + paladin devo + star glad w/ lhz cards (it's still quick w/o lhz cards) breaking your emp considering it takes <10 seconds for them to break it and even if you do kill them, the emp is severely weakened with no opportunity to heal it quick enough for their next attempt. Add in the fact that there's 5-10 star glads rushing your emp with devo + pp during the final few minutes and you end up with something very toxic for people who try to hold the castle. Add in the fact people think they've "won" WoE whenever they lose every GvG but win the emperium breaking lottery in the final 2 minutes of WoE and it's no wonder WoE is dying. More rewards aren't going to change that for the better, they're just going to create an even more toxic environment for breaking at the last moment. Breaking/defending needs to be looked at from a game-mechanic perspective and guild competition needs to be rewarded/incentivized. Guilds/people are leaving because WoE isn't fun/there is no GvG competiton. Whenever you do have GvG competition it can be dominated by randomness and gear ala double attack from gospel and SinX card on champs/LKs on zerg rushes to instantly kill paladins without any recourse. It can be heavily abused in the sense that you wait to get double attack (or EDP if that's available to you, or both if you're insane) and then rush a guild as fast as possible and wipe their paladins and then clean up. Hopefully they don't have double attack and everything is easy. Otherwise you have to actually use some strategy and killing paladins takes time as opposed to double attack 1 asura or double attack BB on 3+ people.
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