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  1. No to third jobs. You can do "@request" to ask GM's or just ask other players about the game. Welcome to the server.
  2. This GM Blaize, i am equipping the Proton Backpack. But the monsters that supposed to drop these items doesn't drop the items. Even other players are telling me. Not even a single item.
  3. How about adding more thrill inside gold room? Killing Peco Peco all the time make farmers get easily bored. What if the game add some mobs like boss, mini boss or other mobs which are harder to kill that gives more points. This will surely make gold room more fun. Nowadays very few are going to gold room. thanks.
  4. What is the drop rate those items (@mi doesn't show), we tried killing hundreds with bubble gum but didn't get not even one of those items.
  5. Make it accessible to all players, what is happening now is it is not that accessible, we tried joining it says "application accepted, wait for announcements" and after a while when i click the NPC again its says "slots are full", I don't get it. It is ok as long as the quest is very hard and it will take long time as long as it is accessible. I even saw players buying the Mansion Invitation for 30 DT. Give players a reason to play the game again. A lot of players (including me) sorry to say this, that the game is already boring. Just like what happened to Paleo farming (monster hunt). It's been days since the dungeon has been idle, main reason is its hard to find party nowadays. Maybe its time to bring back the old paleo farming where in you can farm in dungeon 1 without getting the annoying "0" every time a monster is killed. Please make the server more newbie and solo player friendly.
  6. IKR, I see members of F4E and eayc guild are hardcore trash talkers. They trash talk in pvp, trash talk in broadcast every after woe and koe. I also start to wander where did the other guilds go? Hopefully they comeback to make this server alive again.
  7. Maybe that is the effect of dying woe, it leads to declining population. The server is still young but im afraid of what is happening the population is declining.
  8. hello, what time do you usually get online server time?
  9. Welcome bro, what is your IGN? i can invite you in our guild. We have a helpful guild master, we can help you in every possible ways.
  10. IKR. Why Not? A lot of players are buying Black Set but they can't buy or don't want to buy because greedy sellers selling for 150 DT.
  11. Another problem is players cannot join because of the ALTS or DUALS of other players. They take the slot and nothing left for other players.
  12. Maybe PK is enabled inside the gold room as anti-bot, but now that the captcha anti-bot was implemented, I think it's about time that they disable PK in gold room. And YES you're right I worry about the newbies. Gold Room is one the best ways for newbies to farm and losing 80% of your gold when you die is a real force. In this server a lot of newbies are joining but only few stays. We need more players in this server especially that the population is slowly declining. We need to make it newbie friendly.
  13. Nah, Gold Room is not for pvp. People are going there to farm (with their farming equipment) to try to earn for equips. And some random player who think he is very strong go to gold (with his pvp equip) just to kill those players who are just farming. If you want to kill go to pvp room, players will be happy to see you there.
  14. Someone selling over priced Black Set and when I said i will just wait for the black set to be back in donation shop and he said this (check the photo)
  15. Agree. Other Sets should be permanent. Players are abusing it, selling for impossible prices. If someone will benefit then it should be the server who should benefit not those abusive players.
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