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  1. These are some of my fav songs as of this moment River - Leon Bridges Happiness - Rex Orange County Japanese Denim - Daniel Caesar Best Part - Daniel Caesar ft. HER
  2. All the item listed above are restricted. White = cards , grey = items.
  3. DUMB SUPPER (October 17 - November 17) A dumb supper is not a idiot dinner, but rather a meal eaten in silence with an empty place setting, usually to invite the spirit of a deceased loved one to the table. By doing this quest, you will have enough meals to share with everyone. STEP 1 Talk to Manang Puring at nif_in 187 115 Gather all the materials needed to get the power over the dead. Bangungot Doll Dwarf's Knife Bloody Coin Step 2 Go back to Manang Puring after gathering the materials then call upon a spirits you will receive 1 Cursed Bloody Coin Step 3 Place the Cursed Bloody Coin to Town Memorial Stone at the back of Prontera Church Note: You might consider having a party. Tomb (cooldown time: 15minutes) Eliminate all the monster Obtain 10 Spiritual Whispers Step 4 go back to Manang Puring at nif_in 187 115 and talk about the Spiritual Whisper Give her the 10 Spiritual Whispers You will receive Halloween Box
  4. RAGNAFORCE HALLOWEEN HARVESTING (SAMHAIN FESTIVAL) OCT 17~ NOV 17 With the help of a peculiar scientist specializing in supernatural phenomenon, you will be able to extract "anting-anting" (also known as charms) from the creatures that are terrorizing out towns. These charms are used to ward off evil and prevent them from getting near a person who has them. Surrender these charms to the head farmer Manong Jim so he can distribute it to the farmers for protection. You will be rewarded with your hard efforts. STEP 1 Quest Pre-Requisite: Talk to Dr. Spengler at nif_in 145 33 and bring him the following; 100 Fragment (7094) 100 Flexible Tube (7325) 50 Elastic Band (7200) 1 Backpack (10013) 100 Holy Water (523) 6 Credits 6,666,666 Zeny PROTON BACKPACK (24hours)~ an energy device used for weakening ghosts , designed by Dr. Egon Spengler, is a man-portable particle accelerator system that is used to create a charged particle beam—composed of protons that is fired to neutralize ghost and demons. [non-tradable] Adds chance of dropping "item listed below" when killing the following monsters; Enchanted Brush(Engkanto) ~ An ethereal brush used when performing dark arts. it's made of elvish hair and its effective when used with human blood as ink. Dwarf's Knife (Tiyanak) ~ A small knife with engraved marks, it has been used for numerous murder. Cursed Ladle (Mangkukulam)~ An obsolete ladle used by the generation of witches dated back from 16th century. Bangungut Doll (Bangungut)~ A boy was drowned while playing this doll and his spirit got trapped inside the doll. Holding this doll or being around it causes a feeling of immense grief. Lost Soul (Grimm Reaper) ~ An escaped soul from the possession of the Grimm Reaper! Dripped Blood (Manananggal)~ The Thirst for blood dripped from the fang of blood-sucking witch. Puppet Skewer (Celine Kimi) ~ a skewer used by puppeteer where strings and wires are attached on regional variation. Ripped Wing (Wakwak) ~ A ripped wing from a winged demon captured by the brave human who fought him. Bloody Coin (Bungisngis)~ A bloody token used for granting greedy and evil-driven wishes. Note: Items listed above are non-Tradable STEP 2 Talk to Manong Jim at midgard 174 243 about the Harvester and the amount of materials you need to gather (5 each of item listed above) by hunting the following monster listed below; HALLOWEEN MONSTERS TIYANAK MAP: nif_fild01 / 25x 5~10 mins nif_fild01 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) MANGKUKULAM MAP: gl_cas01 / 25x 5~10 mins gl_cas02 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) WAKWAK MAP: in_sphinx1 / 25x 5~10 mins in_sphinx2 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) BUNGISNGIS MAP: treasure01 / 25x 5~10 mins treasure02 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) MANANANGAL MAP: nameless_n / 25x 5~10 mins abbey_01 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) ENGKANTO MAP: moc_pryd01 / 25x 5~10 mins moc_pryd02 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) CELINE KIMI MAP: gefenia01 / 25x 5~10 mins gefenia02 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) GRIM REAPER MAP: glast_01 / 50x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) BANGUNGUT MAP: lou_dun02 / 25x 5~10 mins lou_dun03 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) STEP 3 Submiting the Collected Materials: go back to Manong Jim at midgard 174 243 and bring him all the materials he needed. Quest Reward: (non-repeatable) "SAMHAIN FESTIVAL BOX" Halloween Event box (click here) 1 Enriched Elunium 1 Enriched Oridecon 25 Bloody Branch 25 lvl 200 buff scroll First 3 collectors reward bonus: GM Alexandria's Box
  5. Hello, luminoth Welcome to ragnaforce, looking forward to meeting you ingame. Enjoy your stay, may the force be with you!!
  6. We’ll look for possible adjustment since this is BETA. we will consider adding IP restriction for duals.
  7. Hello, EvilDeity. looking forward to meeting you in game Welcome and may the force be with you¡
  8. Hello Ivico, for the list our custom items you can see it here https://ragnaforce.com/forum/index.php?/forum/17-guides/ The rest are base on official at ratemyserver.net Hope that helps, welcome may the force be with you
  9. Hmmm we're actually experimenting something like this, the guild/party ranking system is a good one. We'll see
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