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  1. Omega


    yeah right? its good but they do not need to Nerf something, instead do a re scripting buffs for blue set. Phoenix wing is innocent, dont try to punish it. HAhaha
  2. Yeah the damage of the sniper is intense with fast spams and with a NOT DUMB Player no need to buffed it.
  3. Omega


    Its not over powered to me, and btw it is quest, which means everyone can get it fair and square.
  4. Omega


    Bro you cannot tell that "except icarus wing" its about comparison between donate items and quest items. If you want to buffed something, dont ask for nerfing the items to be compare on that. Lets just believe to the GM Team who scripted this whole game, which i'm pretty sure that they studied it well than yours
  5. Omega


    No need to nerfed anything, its just good as it is
  6. Omega


    Naaahh, you remove the effect of Dwing in your comparison, 10% more damage to demi-human Original Effect: Beret+PhxWing (13%DemiResist+10%HP+12Vit + 10%Fire Resist+3MDEF) < Blueset (10% Demi Resist + 10% Damage +10VIT+10STR+10DEX+5LUK+5AGI+5INT+5% chane to curse)
  7. FS damage sir, in suggestion threads. 😉😉
  8. Nice monthly update to make the server better. Salute to the staffs! Hoping for Ninja issue to be included here
  9. Omega


    LEtss GOOOO! Certified Kabayan Here. IGNL *Goldy
  10. 7 days halter lead mount means you can use it for 7 days only?
  11. S>RainbowBlackHuntersCap=Offer in DTs S>150 FORCE POINTS = DTs B>KIELCARD=? / GR=?
  12. Yeah skills and info for the custom job should be posted here somewhere
  13. So if i donate 120$ which is = 150$ (25% discount) 150 donation tickets and donation points 3 special gift package 1 6 synthesis ticket 2 custome job ticket If im correct right?
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