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  1. its 60DT price but its totally useless item its not worth using like red and black set the difference only is 15dt / Beret they can afford that /GMG / HOKAGE / and Dwing can be reach if the seller is rushing so my question "60DT" Blue set is it worth it? then
  2. Suracizhan


    HI GM, Can U rebuff the blue set its totally useless coz beret + phoenix wings or icarus wing is better than blue set and the price is dropped its totally useless thanks Gm
  3. Suracizhan


    Hi GM, can u add stats for mvp boss pet just like same as normal pets / ex. Kiel = Stats of Isis additional matk something like that if they are loyal / and i want to suggest an event too. how about use pet event to pvp or race something like that
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