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  1. I made a post on Facebook saying something similar and some eayc and f4e members jumps to crucify me xD. When the only thing I asked was that we all make the woes more entertaining if not this will die. When I arrived at the server there were many guilds besides F4E and Eayc. There was Playtime, Mighty Ducks, FCKnSSy, exe, Sparta (low guild). The problem is the WOE level. The RO in 2019 is not the same as in 2010. This server is armed so that before going to woe or 1) giving money for your v armor or 2) this 2 weeks in @token quest 24/7 as I did. After spending a lot of time getting to WOE and seeing a guild prestressing the door demotivates you. Maybe some jobs need a small balance but they should have tested it before. Forsaken has the same WOES level and has been running for 12 years. When it becomes monotonous and low level, the guilds leave. The WOES there is a roulette, every 2 min an assa breaking. And the fact of being p2w already also unbalances a lot. as I said once, the difference is in the hands and in the decisions you make. As much as you go with donations if you are a cupcake you will continue to be a cupcake all your life.
  2. I do not understand why sh*t do not implement updates in the appropriate time. Respectfully. But they always implement something and the same vicious as always that they have all the time to play, they already took advantage of this. Previously using @warp in biolab. Now lowering the paleo points. They now include restriction. After people went selling 1k of paleo to 3DT and filled with DT now modify it? Why don't they modify it before? As always they get updates once the most vicious of the place already did their business. The truth every day shows more the advantages they are giving.
  3. klosth

    S> FBH Card

    sold out. i have 1 more
  4. klosth

    S> FBH Card

    I dont understand why people wants to sell highing but wants to buy cheap... like an idiot XD S> FBH Card.- i want 3 +10 ica weapon.. or 4 DT or 800C
  5. klosth

    Armor Enchantment

    people here dont give a fckin guide for newbies hahaha 1) use @mh 2) pay 10m 3) enter to the dungeon (talking to npc in the right) 4) for 10 points u got 1 badge 5) in npc you change all points (ex 300 points are 30 paleo badge) 6) for example armor enchantment = 15 badges 7) with the scroll in your inventory use @npc enchant 8 ) there is a chance of get failed, make sure you have a lot of scrolls
  6. klosth

    Break the Seal Quest

    the named sleipnir can be used by a other character ? if we break the seal with my hw can use sleip with my assa or any job ?
  7. Obviously. And I speak to you from my experience. I am a player since 2005 and have 5 years being GM and I have seen how many changes have favored and disadvantaged players. Obviously the most benefited are those that do not take off from the monitor. anyway. I came alone to the server and I will adapt to whatever comes. This only delays the farming that others have obtained more easily, it does not mean that it is impossible. I understand that they are modifications to balance, but these things should have been tested from the beginning, although I repeat nothing is perfect, but these are small details that facilitate the farming to a certain group of people.
  8. Maybe you went of the beneficiaries, so has so much effort to defend something about what I'm right.
  9. These are things that should have been tested before starting the server. Since many now have Ifrit Cards, such as those from BioLab, among other advantages. If you are going to BALANCE IT, do it ahead of time. Not in the middle. Because that hurts many. Many farmed easily. And the people who join now, in addition to not having the guild pack they give to the monopolies, do not have the facilities they had. And the new ones are the ones who should take more care, since they will attract more people. Not the well-off who come to play and when their guild gets bored they leave. BALANCE is when the changes hurt everyone producing a GENERAL balance. When you implement a change in the middle of the server you harm one sector, and you favor another.
  10. Los players adictos al juego ya contaban con el comando @warp para ir a biolab 3 y asi sacar tanto las cards mvp de bio como los items para los items icarus. Me parece una total desventaja para los players que ingresan de ahora en adelante que tengan que hacer teleport cuando estos niños viciosos tuvieron el @warp desde el primer dia. Y se les hizo mas facil obtener su icarus +10 . Los que quieran hacerlo ahora partirán con desventaja. Y es muy malo eso. Los que se aprovecharon del @warp ya tienen sus ica +10 ... -1 esta vez --- The players addicted to the game already had the @warp command to go to biolab 3 and thus remove both the bio mvp cards and the items for the icarus items. I think it is a total disadvantage for players entering from now on who have to do teleport when these vicious children had the @warp from day one. And it was easier for them to get their icarus +10. Those who want to do it now will leave at a disadvantage. And that is very bad. Those who took advantage of @warp already have their ica +10 ... -1 this time
  11. Quest Weapons: Quest Wings / Headgears:
  12. klosth


    i go solo a lot of times but always lose vs ifrit vs dont have equip.. you can go with 2 accs or 3 for supp. i go with champ and hw.. or snipa-champ last time i kill ifrit but dont have time for keep playing i have to quit i collect 20 Three dragon head
  13. jugamos en aimless con amsu, secret, lavanda, absimthium.. yo era la dupla de linker con links234
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