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  1. When you wanted to buff SinX Sonic Blow didnt you want it to be versatile with both weapons katar and dagger or sword? Now you want prof to be support only ? OMEGALUL. They got the skill Double Casting for a reason and its not for supporting GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT IF YOU'RE GONNA KEEP TALKING ABOUT FACT. See? You suggest but you don't actually know how things works thats a FACT. How is your thread gonna be approved LOL. You are the only knight afraid of Professor lol despite having that high HP enough to kill them using reflect only you are still afraid of it? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL You suck in debate and in PvP for thinking AD is buffed by Zakudam Card no need to argue anymore
  2. This guy hates magic . because he does not know how to build up elemental resistance they are not even expensive and cards droprate is 10%.. Well I'm gonna hate magic users too if I am that idiot. He does not know that those job would be so useless without those cards because of resist items and cards + gtb. Disable margaretha Remove Zakudam Remove Wizards,Ninja,Professors,Copying of Magic Skills for Professors as well. Is this what you want? Cos they'll all be useless without those cards. I don't play neither of the jobs mentioned but I don't hate them either because they are too easy to counter LMFAO. Invite more people here to see your suggestion LOL. I believe this holy Idiot thinks that Acid Demo is magic damage and is buffed by Margaretha before the update now with the Zakudam Card HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Don't get butthurt man how does Zakudam powered up magic players? when it actually nerfed it since Margaretha is no longer for Professor ? Do you even know what you are talking about?
  4. 1. They removed it because all jobs use it in WoE and eliminate Paladin easily . Did u see all jobs doing tarot? 2. You only get countered because you suck at PvP @iDeath 3. Stop playing Lord Knight in go 15 then ask for a buff, because its useless for 1v1. 4. You can use @refresh for SonicBlow and cast it again and stop being a noob. 5. You keep suggesting to nerf other jobs that you don't play because it rekt you hundred times i think.
  5. He didn't say make the difficulty less . just change of materials maybe thousands of these and that . But this Robe of Cast Its already owned by a guild and no chance of competing with them . They own lhz cards already now this ? It's not fair and materials are bias to LHZ hunters only. Solo players don't have a chance getting them . Some players didn't come with friends to play this . I actually saw someone quit because of this bias LOL. More like this more will quit . No chance here they know the time . They have the party number . I don't need this item nor play Star Gladiator but this is just how i see it . LHZ farmers gets everything but hardcore farmers only have option to buy it from them If it's God Item like you said then it should be on Donation Also like the Flame Aura . So they can control the price but they cannot go beyond the NPC price or else no one would buy . Make the materials farmable all day it doesn't matter even if its too many someone would always farm it. Its not fair that guilds can have it easy and sell it at too high price. It has 100% Chance to Drop and they get it every 1~2 Hours sell it for 10 DT or more how many hours would a normal players actually get that 10DT? when they just get it for 1~2Hour . The server is getting unfair man many would see it soon and quit. Quest Items becoming only for LHZ hunters . and this is not everyone's expertise.
  6. You want to 1 hit sonic blow everyone ? I do 40k Sonic Blow to Dummy without Megingjard just link and EDP Crazy suggestion LOL. Remove Coma status? You are crazy there is not any server I know that Tarot has no coma Its not 100% chance why the nerf? . Many would disagree to your suggestion not just us.
  7. You are too blind to see . No need to argue .
  8. Try me 1v1 with Bet .
  9. @iDeath do you really know this server or not? if you don't know the server then alright you can laugh as hard as you want.
  11. SG dont need buff , Sniper does come on what's up with that Diabolic Wings.
  12. Yeah, the Star Gladiator can wear shield they can wear GTB and weapon at the same time . That Gtb effect should be for Snipers since there is no 1 handed bow to protect themselves from Magics.
  13. I think Cygnus is too OP you get the effect of RedSet for Half the Price RedSet Effect : [75DT] +5 Allstat , +5str, +15Dex , RangedAtk +15% , DemiResist 10% , DamageTaken from Wind +10% Cygnus + Dragon Wings [3Guillotine+250C+30~33DT] +5 Allstat, + Ranged Atk +15% , DemiResist+10% , You lose 15Dex but you don't get that DamageTaken from Wind +10% My Suggested stat is : +10% DemiHuman Resistance [Archer & Thief Class] Ranged Atk + 15% Damage Taken from DemiHuman +20% , Demi Human Resist will just be canceled out by +20% damage taken So Archer & Thief class get only 10% more damage taken in total. Please fix, some items are getting out of balanced Destroying the market value of other Donation Items. I'm hoping their stats isn't final. @zhendhie11 its not +30% magic damage , its 30% matk I think its okay or needs only a little nerf.
  14. Please include Novice PvP they are using it to cover their name. They use Shadow Leap or Body Relocation or @warp to the novice coordinates.
  15. Coldzera


    +3% Demi Resist > +5All Stat All Day+5% curse chance everyone is almost curse proof on woe or everywhere Just give it something special lol something someone gonna need? if its on 20c item why not on 40dt item? not asking for overbuff.
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