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  1. Yes, that's the original effect, some skills, such at GB are not affected by Mistress Card
  2. booger in front of my...
  3. Hello Everyone! xD

  4. Hi Francis! see you in-game Enjooooy!
  5. In order to use the Zeny to Credit service, you must first do the Interstellar Passport Quest from the Credit Agent. midgard(178, 212) or use @npc creditexchange. Requirements: 1 Interstellar Coin 100 Poring Jewels 100,000,00 Zeny [Interstellar Coin] Interstellar Coin can only be obtained via Mr. Gambler. midgard_in(118, 39) or use @npc gambler According to the formula, you have 1/5000 chance to win if you pay the minimum amount of 5,000 Zeny. This chance increases every additional 5,000 Zeny you invest, hence the maximum amount you can invest is 5,000,000 zeny making your chance 1000/5000 per game, so you need tons of luck in this part. After gathering the said requirements, go back to the Credit Agent to get your Interstellar Passport. Congratulations you may now use the Zeny to Credit service!
  6. Will be posted soon thank you!
  7. Here's a list of the most/ frequently asked questions about our server Q: Is this an Unfrozen Server? A: Yes it's an Unfrozen server Valkyrie Armors have 100% resistance to freeze status Q: What is the command for ...? A: You can use @commands2 to see the list of commands, @commands for the detailed version. Q: Where is the Mall/ Market and Vending Area? A: You can use the @market / @go market commands. Q: Is there a gold room? A: Yes. Goldroom is accessible at midgard (229, 180) or you can use @npc goldroom. Q: Where are the freebies? A: Freebies are available at the starting point where you will be warped after talking to Kenobi or Use @npc freebies. Q: Where is the Padawan/ Jedi/ Sith Class job Changer? A: These jobs has different paths and NPC's involved. Here's a guide for these jobs: Force Class Job Change Quest and Platinum Skill. Q: Where can we level up faster? A: You can use @train, you will be warped at the training grounds, adjust the level of monsters with the Ground Keeper NPC. We also have Battle Manuals x3 which increases EXP rate by 300% for 30 mins (2 pcs are given as freebies and can be bought at vote shop for 5 pts). Q: Where is the ______ npc? A: Use @npc to see the list of NPC's. The format should be @npc<space><NPC Name>. NOTE: @npc command works only in towns and for the main town NPC's. Q: Where are the quests? A: We have an All-in-One Quest Manager, use @npc questshop to go there. Click here for the Quest Guides. Q: What is an Interstellar Coin? A: Interstellar Coin is a requirement for the Interstellar Passport Quest, for you to be able to use the Zeny to Credits Service of the Credit Agent. Q: Where is the bank A: To access the bank use Ctrl+B, however it also has a limit of 2 Billion Zenies / 2,000,000,000 z. Q: Where can i find Gem of Force? A: Gem of Force is not a rare item, it is dropped by Dark Force which spawns at these specific locations: gl_chyard (40), gef_dun01 (30) and pay_dun00 (20) Q: What is Poring Jewel for? A: Poring Jewel is a requirement for the Interstellar Passport Quest, for you to be able to use the Zeny to Credits Service of the Credit Agent. Q: How to donate? A: Go to our website's Donation page. Q: What/ How much is the Donation Rate? A: 1 USD and/or USD Exchange Rate for other Currencies = 1 Donation Ticket & 1 Force Point. Q: How to exchange credits to zeny and vice versa? A: We have credit agent located at midgard(178, 212) or @npc creditexchange. In order to use the Zeny to Credit Exchange service, you must first do the Interstellar Passport Quest. Q: I think my level's stuck? The Exp bar for job level is missing. A: Kill more high level monsters it'll be maxed out in a while. Q: How much zeny can my character carry? A: 2 Billion zenies/ 2,000,000,000 z is the max amount of zeny per character. Q: Where can i hunt ____? A: Use @whodrops <Item Name> to see the list of monsters that drops the specified item and @whereis <Monster Name> to see where those monsters are. Q: How to see the item Information? A: Use @ii <Item Name>. Q: How much dex do i need for 0 Casting time of skills A: You need a total of 150 dex. Q: What property is the Peco Peco on the Goldroom A: Use @mi 3000, It's Undead property. Q: Are there Automated Events in this server? A: Automated Events are started at random times, and will be globally announced. use @joinevent to join Q: What are the server rates? A: 10,000 BE / 10,000 JE / 1,000 DR / 10% Normal Card / 5% MVP Card / 0.5-1% Rare Mvp Card. Q: Is the interstellar passport quest Account or Character Based? A: It is Account based, meaning if you've done it in one of your characters, all your characters in that account will also be able to use the Zeny to Credit Exchange Service. Q: How to hide the PVP Announcements? A: Use @listenpvp command. Q: How to Hide the Daily Rewards notification? A: Use @dailiesnotify to turn if off and @dailies to check your status. Q: Why am i disqualified for the Daily and Hourly coins? A: You need to be online for 1 hr without using chat rooms and vending skill to accumulate those coins. Q: q A: a Q: q A: a Q: q A: a
  8. Welcome to all brazillian players! enjoy your stay! see you in game!
  9. Have fun! Enjoooooy! See you in game!
  10. Philippines, a future province of china lol
  11. Alcadeias


    Hi ren! enjoy your stay! See you in game!
  12. Hi ma'am blaize hihi
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