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  1. WOE GVG Guild of the Month Point System = for the whole month there will be a pointing system = longestdef,mostbreak,topkills,topguild or any to add points. top 2 or top 3 guilds will fight GVG for the championship Guild of the Month. my suggestion is to make players active during WOEs
  2. up.. @Myke @Zomaerc why not apply this?
  3. @Zerawhats wrong is all weapon type does 100% dmg. please test 😃
  4. LK Jobshowdown YES yggs/pots YES status card NO strip cards NO berserk 2-3mins timelimit NO using pots is a NO NO for an LK showdown
  5. Is this a joke? They fix first that F quest headgear than this?
  6. OMEGALUL YOU read again my suggestion please. My suggestion is to promote melee players. OMEGALUL do you really know what is the role of prof? You are a joke. Lets argue that in your face😂 sniper wannabeeee
  7. ohh really? theyll all be useless without those cards? at the 1st place prof is not a killer type. they are support. because of the edited link and the card they become more killer. and they called it bolter. thats a FACT sir. they are support. you understand that? well about acid demo of bio i accept my mistake about that. not a fan of the job.
  8. lets continue the debate bro. lets talk hehehe disable the margaretha remove the zakudam why you guys prioritize magic players, prof and bio are always on top. common its time to change. lets change the meta.
  10. 1. They removed it because all jobs use it in WoE and eliminate Paladin easily . Did u see all jobs doing tarot? wud? they remove it? when did you start playing here? since the start of woe here no one wants to play sinX during woe. 2. You only get countered because you suck at PvP. well LK is kinda underpowered in pvp and not really good to use in pvp. thats why im suggesting to remove the gutterlines. 3. Stop playing Lord Knight in go 15 then ask for a buff, because its useless for 1v1. remove the gutterlines so LK can deal more damage 4. You can use @refresh for SonicBlow and cast it again and stop being a noob. noob noob noob bullsh~!T wtf bro there are so many script to fix that. what is noob? 5. You keep suggesting to nerf other jobs that you don't play because it rekt you hundred times i think. yes they rekt me hundred times, want to know why? Margaretha Zakudam flame aura they powerup the magics player. what about the melee players? tell me what job you use? PROF? BIO? hahahaha
  11. Again im not a SinX player, im an LK player. this is to promote other melee build. -i only suggest to reduce not remove the delay of SB
  12. 40k SB on dummy? try that on pvp with cranial and poo poo hat, or fully geared player. dont forget if you were countered element you SB becomes 10k? hahahahaha. WTF is that 40k on dummy. yes i suggest to remove the coma from tarot or atleast make the enemy hp 10-20%. do you understand that this game is all for attackspeed. at the first place why remove the coma from Lord of death card? lets debate 😃
  13. LK player here. i dont have a sinx character because of margaretha and zakudam card + the new wing its clear that this server is for magic jobs. this suggestions is to increase our melee players in every woe. please read and you must realize that this server is a fastpaced meta its a all spam you like til tomorrow milisecs you dont react you die i am not suggesting to make the sinX more imba( thats why i want the maker of the game to apply the weapon modifier( check dagger vs medium ) ) i am suggesting for an SB buff to see some new sinX with SB type and more useful during woe weapon type penalty should be working ( i dont know why they ignore this )
  14. Revert the Fist of Fury to [3] slot only
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