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  1. So i think its really ok to put it on donation manager. Ragnarok is also an very old game and nothing new in it
  2. Add. I think players wont gamble if it will be like the mysteriusbloodybranch or the one you suggested above. With 1-5%drop rate of mvp card they wont gamble it if it is pricy. If they gamble and gain nothing out of it, it can lead them to quit the game. Also gambling is like quitting already. I have lots of known players who quit because they gambled like the valkyrie manteau also.
  3. For me, I think, it is still a rare card even if it is in donation manager. For that percentage drop thingy, Hunters will still have it perks if the price of those cards are reasonable to be bought in donation manager. For newbie players/starters/new donors, I think it will be fair for them. Its really hard to make even 300-700dt which is the price of lhz cards from players. I even cant make 100dt in 1 month. If we talk about: players can easily get rares, well it is just like buying one on players with overprice and can get it easily with much more money to be donated. Newbie players cant afford that much and can lead them not to enjoy the game. That idea is a plus also from what you mentioned above.
  4. Test99

    Ifrit Card

    I want to suggest like the effect of ifrit card be like this. "Increase ATK, and HIT every 10 Base Level. Increase Critical Rate every 10 job level." Or between every 5-10 base level
  5. Test99

    Ifrit Card

    or if it is possible make it every 5 base level for hit
  6. Test99

    Ifrit Card

    i suggest to change the job lvl base ifrit card into base lvl base for attack and hit only. Increase ATK, and HIT every 10 Base Level. Increase Critical Rate every 10 job level. hit cuz its so hard to gain 700-800hit, jedi and agi type job for instance has so much flee, and for LK just got about 400-600hit with PreeoniC and any other jobs too. ATK cuz 10 attack is just so little.
  7. its not just that, also LHZ cards for about 500DT up to 750dt. i also encountered blackset seller for 150dt, lol, x2 the price from donation manager. So how can a newbie player a new donor can play the game fairly?
  8. I mean look at the Flame Aura its in donation manager also.
  9. I just want to suggest again I know this has been suggested before, that Black&Red Set Thanatoss SinX LKCard and Event Cards will be put in Donation Manager for good. I think there is no bad thing putting it on Donation Manager. The bad thing is that players always overprice it. Then we talk about new players and donors, they cant afford such price and can lead them to quit the game(From my opinion).
  10. I think you need to add complaint subjects/threads e.g. Separate the suggestions and complaint, to really adhere anything that needs to be discussed properly about implemented stuffs in server. The voice of a player must really needs to be heard.
  11. +1 Such a big discussion. also the wep size. flee... Lord knight gutterlines... CEB...
  12. Test99

    Break the Seal Quest

    So if i break the seal i cant make 2 VA and need to break the seal again? but i can only make 1 va and 1 nile and so on without break the seal again?
  13. Test99

    Break the Seal Quest

    I have a question about sleipnir, do I need to make all of it to get Sleipnir? or just the Valkyrie quest set?
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