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  1. It's always sad to see people go, you will be missed! Don't forget to visit us from time to time :) Good luck on everything!
    1. RICO


      ser ilike to be a GL master for my first timer


    2. Blaize


      Hi Rico! Thank you playing with us! Good luck and have fun!

    3. RICO


      ser compelet members


  2. Blaize

    Armor Enchantment

    Exactly. We are still testing them out for bugs, errors and possible exploits.
  3. Hello Neo, meet Gizmo!
  4. There's a small children's section at work, and most of them has already sold out. I was sorting the stuff and I can't help take a picture of this shelf. It's exactly how I feel whenever I play any online game 😂
  5. PORING SURPRISE You will be invited to an exclusive Event Map with 500 Different Porings. Some of these porings are PRE-LOADED with PRIZES! The event is simple. The map is weapon-disabled. Make sure you have your autoloot on and start clearing the map by punching the porings. Prizes vary depending on the OCCASION/CELEBRATION. Some days it will have RARE ITEMS and some it will be the regular Event Prizes.
  6. DICE EVENT - High & Low Variations: SINGLE, TEAM GAME MECHANICS: You will be warp to an exclusive event map. Falcons, pets and wings will be asked to be taken off. Participants are asked to sit in a line. Every round is different. The GM decides whether the dice for the round is HIGH or LOW. When a GM asks for LOW dice, players will have to (type) /dice and get 1 2 or 3. When a GM asks for HIGH dice, players will have to (type) /dice and get 4 5 or 6. You will be asked to leave the event map if you lose. SINGLE DICE: Depends on the GM's discrepancy, the round will go on until there's enough to determine ONE winner. There will be times that you will be asked to battle more than one player, and GM decides if the lowest or highest dice wins. TEAM DICE: Depends on the GM's discrepancy, the round will go on until there's enough players to split into TWO Teams. Team dice usually happens when there's a lot of participants. Once the participants form their teams, they will be asked to battle their dices. GM decides if the lowest or highest dice wins. Their dices will be summed up to determine the winning team.
  7. DB Mon Battle (dead branch monster battle) GAME MECHANICS: 5 minutes before the event starts, you will be asked to bring at least 25 Dead Branches with you to be able to join the event. No dead branch, no battle. You will pick out an opponent from the crowd. You and your opponent will summon ONE (1) Dead Branch. Players are requested to type @mi mob to check the level of the monster. Higher level of monster wins. Winner of the round stays on the map, you will be requested to leave the event if you are defeated. NOTE: You can only spawn DEAD BRANCHES. People who will spawn other type of summoning item will be kicked out of the event, or jailed. There's only one DB Mon Champion for this event.
  8. THE PORTAL GAME GAME MECHANICS: You will be invited to an exclusive event map where you cannot warp, teleport or skill. No parties allowed. The GM will summon 3 portals, some of which will lead back to town and some will lead to another exclusive map. People who end in town is out of the game, people remaining will continue to try their luck entering portals. In some rounds, there will be 2 correct ones, some it will be just one. Depending on remaining players, on the last round, there will be only one correct portal (and it leads to the SAME MAP). FIRST to enter it wins. Only one winner for this event.
  9. Thanks, @JTR! This is helpful and fun to read 😊 ♡
  10. Happy Independence Day! In celebration of United States' freedom, we are having a 3-day sale! We are giving extra Donation Tickets and Force Points for your generosity. Your assistance means so much to us and the community, thank you for your continued support! Enjoy the game! PROMO DURATION : JULY 3rd to 5th, 2019 Donation Promo: +30% More on any amount of Donations + Special Gift Box II for every $75. (Instead of the usual Box I). You will also receive 2 Synthesis Tickets for every $50 you donate. Special Gift Box II contains: SEASONAL SALE-EXCLUSIVE ITEMS: Black Valkyrie Helm & Black Dragon Wings - These items will only be available in shops during "Seasonal Sales" and is included in the 3-DAY SALE going on right now. 4th of July Force Bonus Shop: Razer Headset & Razer Kraken headgears.
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