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  1. Fight Song - Rachel Platten
  2. Uncover - Zara Larsson
  3. Hello!!! If you're talking about the other quest, the quest items do not drop with the monsters. The script is on the Proton Pack. If you're not equipped with it, the items will not drop. With this summoning quest, you can @mi 3189 ~ 3194
  4. You got it! 😉 we might do something like this.
  5. Hi! GM. how to fix an error in ragnaforce in PC?. error in download.

    1. Blaize


      What do you mean? It won't install or the game won't work?

  6. Apologizing for my inactivity, I'm still here! 😘

  7. Fair game I think is when you are farming for your livelihood, you can choose to fly away and protect your goods or fight back. Gold room isn't made to pvp or torment people. It's supposed to be played wisely.
  8. As I've replied to other threads regarding LHZ and rare cards being available in Donation Shop, I am strongly against this. Donors are already dominating with exclusive sets instantly in their hands while non-donors still need to recuperate their DTs through Buy n Sell to be able to obtain them (who even knows when they have enough DTs for the SEASONAL sets?). So much more if the LHZs are purchase-able, this will just further the gap between donors and non-donors. I apologize in advance if this will sound tacky, but it doesn't matter how expensive we sell it. We don't want the money, we have enough resources (not just from donations) to keep us running for years. We WANT to keep our server for years and I think putting LHZ cards will just put us deeper into being a PAY TO WIN server, which is not what we want. This is the best idea I've seen so far. So the said room access is exclusive for donors only, obtainable only through donation process and not in the shop, or will this be available for anyone with DT in-hand? Thank you!
  9. I think it's a good idea! Let you know if anything changes. Thanks so much!
  10. Put your records on, tell me your favorite songs 😊😎🤗🥰 Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
  11. Halloween Patch INTRODUCTION Starting today OCTOBER 17, 2019, we celebrate The Harvest Season. Tons of quests and surprises for all adventurers willing to step out of the safe zones to help harvest our crops, cleanse impurities from towns and maps, and protect Midgard from evil. During this time, seasonal items will be available for everyone to enjoy! But, be careful. Darkness has taken over and forces of evil have gained strength in preparation of SAMHAIN. Samhain Festival (Harvesting Quest): DIFFICULTY ♦♦♦♦♦ The nights have started to get longer as the force of darkness have gotten stronger. Our farmers need help clearing the fields and towns in order to harvest and provide more for our town. Please see Manong Jim in Prontera to check on harvest deliveries and what you can do to help. (Click Guide here) Dumb Supper (Summoning Quest): DIFFICULTY ♦♦♦◊◊ A dumb supper is not a idiot dinner, but rather a meal eaten in silence with an empty place setting, usually to invite the spirit of a deceased loved one to the table. Manong Jim has all the information of anything that we need help with during our harvest season. Please proceed to the Jeepney Deliveries in Midgard to inquire on how to help during this time of the year. (Click Guide Here) Nifheim Hourly Treats (Hourly Reward): DIFFICULTY ◊◊◊◊◊ Halloween is traditional celebrations to commemorate the dead, Niflheim town is giving its visitors a treat by staying. Players will get Trick or Treat Basket for staying 60 minutes in Niflheim.
  12. Harvest Festival & Halloween History SAMHAIN (Sow-win) is a festival from an ancient Celtic tradition. It's usually celebrated from October 31 to November 2 to welcome the harvest and the "dark half of the year" (shorter days, longer nights) it is believed that the barriers between our world and the spirit world breaks down during Samhain allowing interaction between humans and spirits. During this time of the year, and after the harvest work has completed, celebrants joined with Druid Priests gather around a community fire using a wheel that would cause friction and spark a flame. Cattle were sacrificed and participants took the flames back to their homes to re-light their hearth. They celebrated for 3 days and 3 nights and locals were required to participate by their leaders or they will be punished by the gods, usually death or illness. Soldiers also have their own tradition in honor of this Samhain. Anyone who committed a crime in the duration of the celebration faced death sentence. People also consumed alcohol for six days during and after Samhain. TODAY Through out history, church leaders have tried to re-frame this pagan tradition but failed. So today, we have All Saints Day, November 1 and All Souls Day, November 2. October 31 became known as All Hallows Eve, or Halloween which contained more of the old traditions of Samhain. Sources: Samhain, History Channel | Samhain, BBC | Pagan Mysteries of Halloween, Jeane Markale Samhain - Rituals, Recipe and Lore for Halloween, Diana Rajchel | Celtic Gods and Heroes, Marie-Louise Sjoestedt
  13. It's always sad to see people go, you will be missed! Don't forget to visit us from time to time :) Good luck on everything!
    1. RICO


      ser ilike to be a GL master for my first timer


    2. Blaize


      Hi Rico! Thank you playing with us! Good luck and have fun!

    3. RICO


      ser compelet members


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