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  1. Pretty sure they made Paleo Badges untradeable now. Additional Information Added trade restriction to Paleo Badges.
  2. looool. I think this mechanic is unfair. Hope Admin changes this.
  3. Don't know why people downvoted what I said. LoL I'm not defending them I'm just saying why they're doing it but okay 😂
  4. They do this to reserve their spot in @market til they can restock.
  5. Pandaryl

    Armor Enchantment

    Probably means that it isn't the final version yet. Maybe they'll add more items or adjust mechanics.
  6. Pandaryl

    Armor Enchantment

    Item does NOT break when attempt is failed. It's only possible to have 1 enchantment per item.
  7. By this reasoning, it sounds like you expect them to have a perfect game right from the start 😂
  8. Pandaryl

    Gold Room Party

    With the upcoming 100 days of Ragnarok Force, And the FB post hinting it being like a week long event leading up to 100 days of the server, I was thinking of suggesting that the Admin do something like a 2x or 3x Gold point in the Gold Room for that week only. Or something like that.
  9. Updates and changes are done to BALANCE the game, not make it easier. The same logic could be said with Ifrit Cards. The first few weeks of the game, Ifrit cards were dropable in the DB room; now they are not. Is that fair for players who joined after the first month? Probably not. Is it more balanced? I would like to think so.
  10. Pandaryl

    need help

    You can buy them in the mall. The weapon dealer NPC
  11. I think the promo is over already
  12. Pandaryl


    I've been running it as sniper. Just sharpshoot all the floors. Bring a couple morning dew of yggdrasil and you should be fine.
  13. Yes please. I have 3 and it's just eating space.
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