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  1. Every 1-2 hrs? do you even know how LHZ works? There are 6 different bosses and it respawns every 4 hrs, and it's random boss. Also, please define "Hardcore Hunters".
  2. Moody

    Armor Enchantment

    If an item is enchanted, can it be enchanted again? or just once, I mean, to replace the first enchantment.
  3. Any other upcoming nerfs to SG on next updates?
  4. Hello, can you explain this a bit further? Like do they have the "regular lhz waves" (ea 5mins)? or they just spawn at exactly 6 hrs? or have 10min wave of random spawn like FBH Gloom VR Ifrit etc.? Do they spawn randomly on the map? or they respect the original lhz spots. Also, if you @whereis fake lhz boss it says that they respawn at lhz_dun03, BUT! If you @whereis real lhz boss, it says that they don't spawn anywhere. I found this really confusing and I hope the staff can explain this a bit better. Thank you. More Power!
  5. Emperium is boss type lul Also I'm fine with the damage reduction, I don't really care about that, FSK is also ok, favors me so I don't worry about my SL, but Parrying and LOV skill removal? like why? LK's have it and they are WAAAAAY harder to kill than a 90k hp star gladiator, sometimes 60k btw. What's next, remove reflect shield?
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