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  1. @Checking A mis-type from Gloom Under Night Card price on Token Shop. It is costs 400 P.
  2. Zomaerc


    Try to check the other NPC. There are two NPCs for that named Seiyablem and Leablem. Leablem is the one who slots the Spike.
  3. Zomaerc


    I think it's implemented since day one. @Jura
  4. Good day Force! Here are the following updates that were implemented for the Scheduled Maintenance that took place. This change-logs includes a few game improvements from our Suggestions, as well as fixes for Bugs, and additional General Information. Game Improvements Modified Thief's Hiding, Stalker's Stealth and Jedi's Jedi Stealth after-cast delay to 0.5 second. Modified Blacksmith/Mastersmith skill duration to 180 seconds. Adrenaline Rush - 36*SkillLv seconds Weapon Perfection - 36*SkillLv seconds Over Thrust - 36*SkillLv seconds Full Adrenaline Rush - 180 seconds Melt Down - 18*SkillLv seconds Cart Boost - 180 seconds Maximum Over-Thrust - 36*SkillLv seconds Modified Blacksmith's Skin Tempering elemental attack reduction. Fire-property attacks - 4 * SkillLv% Other elemental attacks - 1 * SkillLv% Modified Monk's Guillotine Fist SP damage cap from 6,000 to 4,500. Modified Alchemist's Potion Pitcher heal rate from 10*SkillLv% to 6*SkillLv%. Modified High Wizard's Stave Crasher ATK power from 100% to 400%. Modified Sniper's Falcon Assault after-cast delay from 3 seconds to 1 second and knocks target back by 2 cells. Modified Paladin's Gospel uninterruptible casting time and after-cast delay to 0.75 seconds. Modified Clown/Gypsy's Arrow Vulcan ATK power from 800+100*SkillLv% to 500+100*SkillLv%. Modified Ninja's Cicada Skin Shed skill usage until all charges are used. Added Ninja Spirit and Gunslinger Spirit buff effect. Ninja Spirit - The HP penalty on Killing Strike skill will be halved. Gunslinger Spirit - When using Rapid Shower skill, there is a chance to knock their targets back by 2 cells. Added Ninja and Gunslinger Talismans. Modified Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb bonus effect. Equippable by all classes. On refine rates 4 to 10, it grants 1% additional resistance on all elemental attacks per refine level. Modified Icarus Katar's ATK power from 270 to 240. Modified Icarus Spear's ATK power from 180 to 175 and Weight from 380 to 280. Disabled Elemental Sword's auto-casting of Bolt skills. Modified Combat Knife's damage reduction from 10% to 12%. Modified Grimtooth's defense reduction from 50% to 33%. Modified Margaretha Sorin's magic-damage type from Demi-human to Medium-size monsters. Only 1 Fortune Sword will take effect if the player equipped 2 Fortune Swords. Yggdrasil Leaf will now have a 5-second uninterruptible casting time. Yggdrasilberry and Yggdrasil Seed cannot be used simultaneously. Added new quest items on Official Headgear Quests NPC. Hunting Cap Well-Chewed Pencil Spare Card Wanderer's Sakkat Rabbit Earmuffs Added new items on Vote Shop NPC. Valkyrie Feather Band Angel Spirit Scarlet Rose Classic Hat Samambia High Enchant Orb - This is used to enchant higher levels to the Enchantment NPC (@npc enchant). Added new items on Master of Coin NPC. Red Minstreal Hat Puppy Hat Hat of Fortune Hairband of Reginleif Love Daddy Hat Added new items on Donation Manager NPC. Headgear Rotation 3rd Super Saiyan Hair Book of Magic Blessing of Angel Black Cat Combat Vestige Auras & Wings Black Amaterasu Aura Blue Amaterasu Aura Gold Amaterasu Aura Green Amaterasu Aura Added new artifacts on the Artifacts Shop NPC. Danzou Bandage Robot Ears Added new items on Guild Manager NPC. (@npc guildmanager) WoE Reward Shop Rainbow Sash Invoker Wex Raijin Hat KoE Reward Shop Baby Dotchyam Custodial Cap Engru Removed Have Golgol Hat Mitchyam Hat Heart Hairband Somu Polyana Night Modified Card prices from Treasure Hunters' Shop NPC. Hatii Card : 75 P => 10 P Stormy Knight Card : 100 P => 5 P Golden Thief Bug Card : 100 P => 50 P Ghostring Card : 100 P => 5 P Deviling Card : 100 P => 5 P Dracula Card : 50 P => 5 P Angeling Card : 75 P => 5 P Doppelganger Card : 50 P => 10 P Moonlight Flower Card : 50 P => 5 P Turtle General Card : 50 P => 5 P Dark Snake Lord Card : 50 P => 15 P Amon Ra Card : 75 P => 25 P Tao Gunka Card : 100 P => 75 P Maya Purple Card : 50 P Fallen Bishop Hibram Card : 400 P Gloom Under Night Card : 400 P Ifrit Card : 600 P Added PK Zone damage reduction on PvP Maps. Bug & Fixes Fixed KoE Reward System Fixed Box Trader NPC. Fixed Item Reflect glitch when attack is blocked/missed. Cart Termination and Desperado is now un-reflectable. Additional Information Disabled @changegm during War/King of Emperium. Modified Name Passport price from 10 Daily Coins to 15 Daily Coins. Butterfly Wing are not usable inside the Midgard Mansion Players who are inside the Midgard Mansion cannot be recalled by Emergency Call. Statuses that are debuffed upon entering GvG maps. Mind Breaker Provoke Assumptio Enchant Deadly Poison (if the caster is not an Assassin Cross) Adrenaline Rush (if the caster is not a Blacksmith) Weapon Perfection (if the caster is not a Blacksmith) Over-Thrust (if the caster is not a Blacksmith) Full Adrenaline Rush (if the caster is not a Blacksmith) Maximum Over-Thrust (if the caster is not a Mastersmith)
  5. Two-hundred and fifteen
  6. Updated mechanics for the Assassin Cross Job Showdown. Elemental Sword [3] and Bolt Scrolls are prohibited.
  7. Added Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1], Balmung [4], Variant Shoes, and Asprika to the Rare Items/Cards Restriction.
  8. Try to read these Click HERE for Guides.
  9. Updated mechanics for the Champion Job Showdown. Character's TOTAL DEX must be 130 at maximum, with or without Blessing. Ruwach, Sight and Hiding skills are allowed. Any kind of consumables that boosts the movement speed is prohibited. The equipment that are allowed for this event are Clip [1] with Horong Card/Smokie Card.
  10. This is one of my favorite songs~! America, F*#K Yeah~!
  11. [BETA] Midgard Mansion This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server. Introduction After years of secrecy and hiding, the elusive mansion has finally accessible to the citizens of Midgard! Commands @mmtime : Checks time left inside the Midgard Mansion Getting Started In order to access the Midgard Mansion, you must have a Mansion Invitation. The Mansion Invitation is obtainable through the Mansion Receptionist NPC located a little north of the Guild Manager NPC. After obtaining the Mansion Invitation, move north of Midgard and show the Invitation to the Mansion guards. Attempting to enter the mansion without an invitation may lead to punishment. Entering the Mansion Upon entering the mansion, there are receptionists waiting for you. Show the invitation to either one of them in order to access the entirity of the mansion. The receptionist will give the player : Access Card Mobility Pendant Midgard Token Be warned, there are a lots of secrets lies behind these walls. If the player is not careful, they might end up outside. Rooms beyond the Reception Desk Here are the list of rooms that the player can be access to. Cafeteria - Serves delectible, empowering dishes and a special dish of the day for those who are interested with exotic dishes. Guest Room - A place to relax and entertain guests. Please be courteous enough not to disturb other guests. War Room - Room where all the meetings of great importance are held. Some of the books here might interest you as well. Interrogation Room - Mysterious statues guards this hallowed chamber. Discover their secret and you might just be rewarded. Entertainment Room - Room where events and special gatherings happened, but it has more to it that that. Summon and defeat the mansion owners' Apparition by uncovering the secret of this room and be rewarded with your accomplishment. Restricted Areas - Beyond the statues on the hallway, you need an Access Card to enter. Control Room - Houses the Sacred Emperium. It will react to something that you may use in accessing the Midgard Mansion Labyrinth. Secret Garden - A place to relax and unwind. A dwarf blacksmith is also in this place and may forge you something in order to access the Midgard Mansion Labyrinth. Monster Sanctuary - This is where the mansion owners' bred their pet. Secrets of the Mansion's Labyrinth The place where the most valuable treasures are kept. Formidable guardians await the intruder's arrival. Beneath the mansion's garden, lies a labyrinth. Deep within the labyrinth lies the treasure room, guarded by the four appitions of the mansion owners. Think twice before messing with the chest. Upon completing the labyrinth, the player will be rewarded with one of these rare equipment: Asprika Variant Shoes Balmung [4] Sleipnir
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