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  1. Added Flame Aura, Diabolic Wings, Evolved Traveler Hat [1] and Evolved Gigantic Magestic Goat from the Rare Item/Cards restriction list. Added Restricted Consumable List. See the list above.
  2. King of Emperium Reward System This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server. WoE Reward System The player must at least have at least 10 accumulated minutes for them to get a guaranteed 5 WoE Points. This only triggers when the player enters the King of Emperium arena. After the first 10 minutes has been achieved, the player will now receive additional 1 KoE Point for every 2 minutes of playing time inside the King of Emperium arena. The system will halt if the player is on idle state for five (5) minutes. In case that the system will halt, the player must re-login to re-activate the system. The player must claim the accumulated KoE Points right after the KoE ends. When the player doesn't claim their KoE Points, they won't be able to claim it when the next KoE session starts. The KoE Points can be used to purchase equipments at Guild Manager NPC. To access the NPC, use the @npc guildmanager command.
  3. Good day Force! Here are the following updates that were implemented for the Scheduled Maintenance that took place. This change-logs includes a few game improvements from our Suggestions, as well as fixes for Bugs, and additional General Information. Game Improvements Modified Fist of Fury and Skewer slot count from 3 to 4. Margarthe Sorin Card affects only Wizard class. Zakudam now drops Zakudam Card. Removed Jedi's Force Haste skill and replace by Force Levitate skill. Modified Uber Lightsabers' base attack and slot count. Uber Yellow Lightsaber - Attack Power from 70 to 85 Uber Green Lightsaber - Slot count from 2 to 3 Uber Purple Lightsaber - Slot count from 3 to 4 Uber Red Lightsaber - Slot count from 2 to 3 Modified Icarus Katar's base attack from 145 to 200 Modified Lord Knight's Spiral Pierce damage formula from 100+SkillLV*50% to 100+SkillLv*200%. Modified Jedi's Force Frenzy attack bonus from 7*SkillLV% to 10*SkillLV%. Modified Sith's Saber Thrust attack bonus When a Red/Uber Red Lightsaber is equipped, the attack bonus is 8*SkillLV% + 15*SkillLV%. When other lightsabers are equipped, the attack bonus is 8*SkillLV% + 8*SkillLv%. Added new quest items on All-in-One Quest NPC. Creed Helm Cygnus Helm Neptune Protector Evolved Poo Poo Hat Evolved Gigantic Magestic Goat Evolved Traveler Hat Flame Aura [might change without prior notice] Diabolic Wings Added new donation item on Donation Manager NPC. Flame Aura [might change without prior notice] Forbidden Cyclops' Eye Added new reward items on Guild Manager NPC. WoE Reward Shop Dark Lord Helm Black Fairy Ears Anonymous Mask Prince Cape Dark Valkyrie Blessing Diabolus Sword [BETA] KoE Reward Shop is to be followed. Added new artifacts on Artifacts Shop NPC. Domino's Cap Sage's Ring Hollow Mask Tobi Mask Black Invoker Cape Added Anti-AFK Farming Captcha System. List of maps that will trigger the system Labyrinth Forest F3 (prt_maze03) Freya's Sacred Precicnt F4 (ra_san04) Gold Room (goldroom) Bug & Fixes Fixed Icarus Revolver's base attack from 35 to 140. Additional Information Added trade restriction to Paleo Badges. Removed Hairband requirement for the Headprotector quests. Monsters from Excavation Site F1 now gives 0~1 Fossil. Added KoE Reward System. Click here for more information. Freebies NPC now gives 2 White Valkyrie Sets. Increase amount of supplies from the Guild Leader Pack. Sealed Valkyrie Set is now given on every guild member. When whole set is equipped, the player will gain immunity to Freeze status. Additional damage taken from all attacks by 10%. War of Emperium Morning War of Emperium now runs from 10:00 to 11:00 (Server Time). Removed Mini-WoE map on weekends. All new items effect might change without prior notice
  4. Added White Lady Card (Bacsojin Card) to the list.
  5. As long as you've done all of the quests, you will receive the named Sleipnir as a reward.
  7. Can you take a full screenshot of your Ragnaforce directory? I think you just don't have the data.grf and rdata.grf. You just need to paste those files inside your Ragnaforce folder.
  8. After breaking the seal, you can start whatever you want to do first.
  9. If you're going to download Ragnaforce Lite Client, you must have at least a data.grf and paste it to your Ragnaforce directory.
  10. White Valkyrie equipment set is not restricted. Normal/MvP Cards that are listed above is prohibited.
  11. Added Maero of Thanatos Card as a Status Card restriction.
  12. Yes, MVPs from Endless Tower will drop their cards.
  13. All items that are listed on this thread are restricted items/cards.
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