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  1. Bumping this topic since alot of people are complaining about magic damage. I’ll reiterate this. If you die so quickly with magic damage, re-evaluate your build.
  2. Maybe make this a monthly or bi-monthly event? just to break the ice. sounds fun
  3. Uh huh, go attend WOE and you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyway all is well. Besides the suggestions are mere suggestions. Ultimately it will be up for debate.
  4. Anyway if the admins wont act on this, my guild will try to form an all LK guild just to prove a point. Anyway we'll see.
  5. Evidently the server is slowly becoming an LK server, let's be real, LKs are evidently OVERPOWERED in PVP/WOE. Now we either weaken them, or we strengthen all classes. Otherwise it's not even a far-fetched thought that an all/dominantly populaced guild with LKs will and can definitely rule the server. Do I even need to demonstrate or indicate why? No-need. GvGs during WoE ultimately show my point. It's not even an overstatement in saying that an LK is easily a no-brainer class wherein, just have the proper equips and you'd just mindlessly dive in the stackings or pre-cast of other guilds and you'd still high likely, still, survive. At this rate, the server is prepping for an end-game role as LK. Suggested nerf/improvements may go either, or, or all: GTB when worn by LKs should only have 50% reduction against magic attacks LKs cannot be devo-ed Strengthen ALL OTHER CLASSES. Improve strip chances that goes through FCP. Reduce LK's attack by 30-50% when wearing certain items. And stop kidding yourselves that an asura or a mage ALONE can kill a fully geared LK. Watch KOE/WOE videos, educate yourselves, the game should not be designed to be a 1-man gaming. Anyway, should you have other ideas, feel free to pitch in.
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