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  1. Happy Birthday to me! XD

  2. I think a Sith class would suffice. You buff up then use force projection so it will tank & damage for you and when your illusion/clone die use force persuasion to buff up again summon another clone then re-do the whole thing. And for some reason, when I tried it the first time, I can't seem to attack or use skill to damage the GM monster but I managed to kill it somehow, just my clone casting force drain & force choke. Hope this helps.
  3. Just bringing up a few minor suggestion that I have in mind. If there are things that already been implemented or so just advise me and I will edit it out and if you have any thoughts about this feel free to share. -Add "NPC Midgard Receptionist". Just to make it easier to go to. -Make the Mansion application an e-mail account type? So that duals doesn't by pass IP filter or just make all the previous players who got in doesn't get to apply the next application, 'cause some players get their 5 to 8 duals on. -Add an expiration date for freebies item(level 200 items). This is just for newbies. when they hit level 255 they are having a hard time farming because they don't have any gears to support them. -Make the 'Helper NPC' stand out more. Maybe put a pub on top of it? It seems a lot of newbies don't know what to do or use the commands, which is very helpful. -The Valkerie Npc that roams around. Thinking of just placing it beside the 'Helper NPC', so players can know who's GM is online. Sometimes they're unresponsive even when doing '@request'. -Zeny in broadcast and gold room. For the benefits of newbies too. Or just make their starting zeny a bit higher, and at some instances they use it to reset their stats so now they lack the money to enter at the gold room. -An alignment for 'Pubs' in Midgard/"@go 0". Just like in the market to make it look organize and cleaner and it sometimes block the NPC's (Healer & Paleo). -Customized Dummy Target. A dummy target that you can customize the stat or put an equipment. Players who wants to test their damage in different aspect and maybe a command that makes it attack too? to test the Vit of your character. This is a long shot 'cause i think it has a lot of coding and editing but its worth to put it here. -A 5 or 10 minutes cooldown when leaving or switching guilds. Just for those who abuse the Breaking system. -Cyclops Eye vs Danzo Bandage. Let's Breakdown the stat here. Cyc gives 50 SP, 3 Str, 3 Int, 3 Dex, and +50 Flee while Danzo gives +3 to all stat and they both have 1 slots. So, the question is, which is better? 50 SP is kinda useless and that goes for the +50 flee too 'cause most of the time players always do a guarantee hit(Well, I guess it's good at PvM). And the little bit of Luk in Danzo helps too for crit-types. I suggest here to either buff Cyc of nerf Danzo. -Token Quest still not showing at alt+U. Is it just me? I still can see the quest being in the quest tab. It show the scroll at the bottom left corner but it doesn't show at the tab. -A Job Costume for Sith & Jedi Class. And might as well add a Darth Vader mask for the combination at Koe Shop -Put Buff Scroll(Agi up & Bless) in Event shop. Correct me if I'm wrong but you can only obtain buff scroll through GM's event, right?
  4. Edweird

    Ifrit Card

    Why don't just make the 'hit' go by base lvl? don't need to remove the crit, that's what makes it a good card to have.
  5. And just to add, they should put some lightsaber to that free box(lvl1/100/200) for padawan class to use.
  6. That happened to me too. You just need to update your client.
  7. is this set of equipment's better than the 'fancy equip'(unlock for free at lvl200)?
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