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  1. Pwede din bang paki nerf yung Flying Kick? instant teleport sa player/emp. nakakatalon kahit nasa kabila or nsa taas.
  2. Yes. No one see this cards coming and it will be available in token shop. Moving on. Still waiting for the Midgard Mansion Update/Guide GMs did not reply regarding that.
  3. Ok. but still the price of this cards became lower. Before Gloom price has 8-10DT now 400p token = 2-3DT. Before Ifrit price has 18-20DT now 600p token = 6-7DT. Like what i've said before, this is a sad update.
  4. Is there any reason why they put on Token Shop? I think the economy will go down. Gloom and Ifrit has now equal price. Gloom has 5hrs respawn time Ifrit has 10hrs respawn time but in Token shop it has same token points. I dont know to FBH because im not hunting them and im not using those lol.
  5. Checking


    Hi. What if put the Coins in Token shop? We knew that Coins are not tradable. So 600 - 1000 token points = 1 Bronze Coin. 600 - 1000 token points it takes time also. If you are playing 8-12hrs a day If you are lucky you get 40-60 Token points a day. So maybe estimated 8-10 days = 1 Bronze coin.
  6. HP cannot used since then, even you check to RMS.
  7. Sad update, Modified Thief's Hiding, Stalker's Stealth and Jedi's Jedi Stealth after-cast delay to 1 second. Why have after-cast delay on Job's Skills? if reason is to prevent spam, it must be applied only on Smokie card because it is only Level 1 Hiding. No update/modification/clearly guide in Midgard Mansion. Update that mobile users can enter multiple accounts. Modification that players are already outside but the name are still in Recent Guests and after that they can apply again the application. It is very hard to get Mansion Invitation. Clearly guide meaning how the Mansion Invitation will get? Not the guide inside the Mansion. I thought there is a changing in Events Timing due to DST? Can someone elaborate this one? High Enchant Orb - This is used to enchant higher levels to the Enchantment NPC (@npc enchant).
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