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  1. Oh i see. Well my bad lol.
  2. Sorry for somewhat necro'ing but what's wrong with this tho? It's always been like this even in official servers. Also for your info, this is actually the weapon's attack not your damage itself. So for example you are using a dagger with let's say 200 attack. Now if you used it on medium enemy, it says only 75% will count. So then 75% of 200 = 150. Then when you're attacking a medium-sized enemy using a dagger, your weapon's attack variance will be adjusted to 75% of 200 = 150
  3. Zera


    I mean in my opinion, I guess It's not like they designed blue set as an end-game set exclusively for tanks or meat-shield jobs just because there's an extra VIT and HP as the combo effects though it can still be an option for them to some extent. Laslty I do appreciate how you wouldn't even need to donate for a proper VIT & demi-human resist gears
  4. Zera


    I kind of agree with your comparison here, but i think the main point here is when there's a 200m-worth equipment set that already satisfies the VIT and demi-human resistance needs vs. spending 60 DT for just an additional 10% demi-human damage as well as reducing 3% demi-human resist (but only speaking to a Paladin's perspective). Even so, I still appreciate Dwing's 10% damage to demi-human
  5. Thank you very much for this! Oh and so the blue set is literally the normal one. I thought there's a literal blue set 🤣
  6. This is also a good one, however this'll only be forcing the enemy to get out of Pneuma and can only be used by snipers. Going to 3x3 range limit will allow any ranged attacks to pass through pneuma and as well as knocking back your enemy with skills that does knockback if fast enough or even killing them. Additionally, it can somewhat be a conditional advantage in woe to some extent, enabling you to DPS enemies while in-range near pneuma (since you cannot knockback your enemy in woe). EDIT: Regarding to your suggestion tho, i think that'll be even greater if there's some item / card that autocasts Phantasmic Arrow 🤣
  7. Hello, I've tried finding the exact effects of Black, Red and Blue sets somewhere in forums but unfortunately I'm not able to find it. May i request to put their effects here as well please? Thank you!
  8. Yeah It would be better for a open discussion about this if ever
  9. There's only 1 server I've played that had this, unfortunately I've already forgotten its name as well as that server never had a lot of players too I'm sorry
  10. Yes, that's correct. It at least gives a little window for physical ranged people to hit their target inside pneuma and possibly decimate them while having the downside of them needing to get near
  11. Hello, I've seen this kind of Pneuma in some other server so might as well take my chance to try it out here if this'll be a good idea for you guys. So Pneuma there has a special condition where ranged attacks can hit players inside Pneuma if the ranged attacker/s are 1 - 3 blocks close from the player inside Pneuma. To give an example, if I'm inside Pneuma, any sniper or any ranged attacks that Pneuma usually blocks can hit me if they are 1 - 3 blocks close from me.
  12. According to one of their promo topics under Announcements: https://ragnaforce.com/forum/index.php?/topic/660-road-to-100-days-donation-promo/ EDIT: But in-game, I don't know how much they're worth (whether in DT or in zeny)
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