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  1. Please include Spiral Pierce type in the Update. Also Spear Boomerang delay to .2 seconds pls thanks.
  2. Case solved by putting ROC to Treasure Hunter .
  3. +1 Put LHZ cards in Donation Manager with reasonable price . This won't make the item cheap since you are gonna buy it with donation ticket, DT will be very expensive .
  4. very good update in robe of cast making the diabolic wings for everyone to get not just guilds farming it owning it dominating it meaning individual can get it now good job in balancing its source .
  5. Just change Phantasmic Arrow to Magic so it can go through Pneuma. I've played a server where Phantasmic and Arrow Charge are different . Phantasmic can be used in Pneuma but with lower knockback , Arrow Charge cant go through Pneuma but higher knockback.
  6. kakashi does not need buff cygnus needs nerf.
  7. JustDoIt!


    How about instead of buffing it . Have a 3v3 pvp where BlueSet is the max set participants can wear . rewards would just be costumes for more fashionable characters. with this no need to buff it it stays at it is but many would still consider buying it .
  8. Very well said . I 101% Disagree to Aesprika , What will happen to switching now ? No more talent in switching ? Just pure item? Diabolic Wings too OP make the gtb effect much better implement the effect in RedSet for [Sniper, Gunner class]
  9. May I suggest a Custom Card one card first just try. Force Kiel D-01 Card Effect: Reduces After Cast Delay by 20% Reduces SP Consumption by 15% @npc questshop Cards Category Requirements: Kiel D-01 Card (0/10) Pharaoh Card (0/100) Pre/Suffix: of Force Reload This is also to help our MVP hunters sell cards they got from Bloody Branch and actually make every boss in Bloody Branch useful if this is approved, we can make use of all the other cards inside mvp warper NPC can also be an alternate farming for newbies rather than just gold room only. The Kiel nerf that adds 75% sp consumption is just too much for the jobs that needs it Mage class is not even affected by it because they regen SP easily due to their max int and sp recovery skill the delay is reduced by half and not just that sp consumption is 150% more if two cards are worn . for example Champion it needs Kiel but Dangerous Collect+Fury+Dangerous Collect and few Body Relocation their sp for asura damage is no longer the max damage because Kiel+75% more sp used took away too much SP even for Finger Offensive type that +75% more sp used is a problem.
  10. My suggested quest requirement would be : Nile Rose + Carnation Bouquet
  11. I think its about time that we get a much stronger accessory now that everyone has Nile Rose already? Since Megingjards are too OP adding +40 specific stat. can we have an Evolved Nile Rose also like Evolved Traveler's Hat? Only a little bit better for a job that it favors. Nile Rose of Strength: All Stats+5 Maximum HP + 3% , Flee + 3 , Str + 5 Nile Rose of Agility: All Stats+5 Maximum HP + 3% , Flee + 3 , Agi + 5 Nile Rose of Vitality: All Stats+5 Maximum HP + 3% , Flee + 3 , Vit + 5 Nile Rose of Int: All Stats+5 Maximum HP + 3% , Flee + 3 , Int + 5 Nile Rose of Dexterity: All Stats+5 Maximum HP + 3% , Flee + 3 , Dex + 5 Nile Rose of Luck: All Stats+5 Maximum HP + 3% , Flee + 3 , Luk + 10 Luk stat only for few jobs , unlike the rest of the stats its almost for every other job so a little more than the rest.
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