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  1. Yea but can sell the enchantment scroll and the other items from Artifact Shop like Hollow Mask/Tobi Mask that will be around 30/35 DT if 100 pcs = 1DT
  2. Change it or u gonna kill economy, when the average point (if solo hunt) was 1,5 people sell 300 P.Badge for 1DT, now the average is 0.5 that mean it's 1/3 slower so people will sell 100 pcs for 1 DT. Think about economy of the server, increasing the P.Badge price will also increase the enchanted armor price cause scroll will be more expensive.
  3. Change P.Badge's weight to 0 or no one can claim those items, current weight is 10 so mean that u need 10x3000=30k weight for the Hollow Mask...
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