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  1. alot of people do not want to buy +4 or +??? armors but new players instantly upgrade any armor that they have to +4 (like me). I suggest a NPC to remove upgrades on armors at the cost of some credits (to lessen the no. of credits in circulation). If at all possible.
  2. I think one way to sweetened things up is to make event coins tradable. just to get things moving more faster. i think selling cards directly would give bad image to the serve, i think.
  3. Also i have been thinking i think all donation headgears and/or even the hard quest headgears should have the valkyrie combo effect https://ratemyserver.net/re_item_db.php?item_id=5171&ird=0&small=1&back=1 Valkyrian Armor[1] , Valkyrian Shoes[1] , Valkyrian Manteau[1] & Valkyrie Helm[1] All Stats + just thinking out loud, what say you??
  4. yes i was also thinking of that but since i enjoy the game more by hunting monster, i would rather have a more powerful kakashi than a weaker cygnus
  5. i think the kakashi headprotector needs to be improve a little bit because the damage difference between cygnus helm and kakashi is not really that much considering the price difference. If i would price cygnus it will be like 4 to 5 donation tickets while kakashi is like 18 to 20 donation tickets and i think there is not even a 5% difference on the damage. And since the walking speed of kakashi is not as fast as the sliepnir or moonlight card, kakashi and cygnus build will both still need sleipnir or moonlight. so if i where to decide which headgear to use, it will be a no brainer to choose the cygus helm. i think the kakashi should have a movement speed equivalent to moonlight and sleipnir "AND/OR" have a plus on the damage percentage.
  6. Solo solo players are like "bato sa buhangin" type of players Now, they are like invisible players.
  7. This is too much. `end of story`
  8. SOoooooooooooooooooooooooo unfair.
  9. Yeah i am a solo player too. Though i never tried the instant yet i believe this is unfair for us solo players.
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