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  1. Reward revealed, Please pm me to claim your rewards, Closed.
  2. Personalized Cap is now available! Price: 60$ Including SPR/ACT Files, You get what you pay for.
  3. To express our appreciation for your continued support in Ragnaforce, we are giving extra Donation Tickets and Force Points for your generosity. Your assistance means so much to us and the community, THANK YOU from all of us! Donation Promo: Upto 40% More on any amount of Donations. For easiest conversion you can Google.com the 'amount + 40%' and get the result. For different payment method and PHP to USD conversion visit: http://ragnaforce.com Gift & Special Package are still applied on this promo Example: You Donated $110+ 40% = $154, You will receive 3 Special Gift Package I. There will be no Bonus Job Ticket or Synthesis Ticket on this Promo. BUT WE HAVE A BETTER BONUS FOR YOU! TRY YOUR LUCK ON OUR SCRATCH GAME! How to play? Every $15 worth of your purchase (bonus % not included) you'll get 1 chance to Scratch a number. You can scratch a number once other players can Scratch the same numbers as yours. Scratch Card items will revealed the day after the Donation Promo ends. Rare Items that you can get from Scratch Card Myke Box Allison Box Kieth Box Blaize Box Black & Red Valkyrie Helm Black & Red Dragon Wings Gold Event Coins Silver Event Coins Bronze Event Coins Job Tickets Ultra Rare Items: +10 Banryu (max of 2 winners) +9 Valkyrie Manteau (max of 1 winner) Diabolic Wings (max of 3 winners) Max winners means when someone selected the number of the rare items, the first who selects it wins the items. Donators will have access to see all the numbers including the names who selected it.
  4. The magic nullification are only available for Starglad Classes, We are re-balancing this on next patch.
  5. Hmm Pending, We are working on the System like this.
  6. This update comes with 2 phase, This is just the first as you see Midgard Mansion is not yet implemented (Variant and Asprika Quest). This is to promote the higher LEVEL of Monster Hunt, which comes with new quest as well (the Boss). More like Ktullanux Summon and requirements on some high-end quest.
  7. No problem. Hmmm, MBK is disabled on WoE without the buffs You cant see any wizard on WoE these days only Professor. Goodjob then.
  8. Twas a bug, fixed it right away.
  9. Guild Package Application: Renaissance Guild Information: Guild's Name: Renaissance Guild Leader's Name: Cafu (Temporary and subject to change) Guild Leader's Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/q1q2w3err%20(That's%20me%20Cafu) Member's Count: 32 Group Screenshot:
  10. Guild Package Application: Pookies Guild Information: Guild's Name: Pookies Guild Leader's Name: x Geo Guild Leader's Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/george.malunes.3 Member's Count: 47 Group Screenshot:
  11. Guild Package Application: Kingdom Guild Information: Guild's Name: Kingdom Guild Leader's Name: G a b b y Guild Leader's Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/princessangel.cabatuando?ref=bookmarks Member's Count: 12 Group Screenshot:
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