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  1. He was saying on DarkRO you can use thos, We will confirm this and maybe add it on next patch.
  2. We based the update from the legendary server that we based however, I think 3 secs is too long. We applied the changes to the main server right now its 0.7 and removed the after-cast delay. Meaning with the Scroll from Paleo + the High Enchant Orb you have a chance to enchant your items to +4/5% status. All changes can be revert or adjust-modified depends on the feedback, I think 1 sec is kinda too long to re-spam, We will reduce it to 0.5 I don't think so, We also copy this from the server we originally based on.
  3. Good day Force! We would like to inform everyone that we will be having a Server Maintenance in Tuesday, 12 November 2019 @ 1:00 AM Server Time (@time). Server downtime will be 3~4 hours long. Please log out immediately. Thank you! This maintenance focused on Balancing the Skill, Items and Skill Delays, Improving some features, New headgears on various Shops and alot if improvements! Check our updated here: Website! We were sorry about the October GotM for being delayed, We will still host it this month along with the Hot-Agit GotM. Change-log will be posted once the maintenance is done.
  4. More like the current sealed items?
  5. Once you change to padawan, You will be given a lightsaber.
  6. Myke

    Missing items

    2019-10-27 09:38:05 Your account was logged in by user: Rousey and mailed the items to Rousey and mailed it to Maniac.
  7. Yes, It is GVG Mode, We might delay it, Because we work on Halloween Events). But it will happen this month!
  8. Personalized Cap is still available for Grab, Promo also applies to Personalized Cap (including Force Points).
  9. To express our appreciation for your continued support in Ragnaforce, we are giving extra Donation Tickets and Force Points for your generosity. Your assistance means so much to us and the community, THANK YOU from all of us! Donation Promo: +30% More on any amount of Donations. For easiest conversion you can Google.com the 'amount + 30%' and get the result. For different payment method and PHP to USD conversion visit: http://ragnaforce.com Gift & Special Gift Box still applies on this promo. Example: You Donated $80 + 30% = $104, You will receive 2 Special Gift Box 4. Special Gift Box 4 (Halloween Special) Contains: But wait THERE'S MORE! NPC: Midgard Mansion or (@warp midgard 199 351) With every $100 donation you will received 1 Mansion Invitation that allows you to enter Midgard Mansion one time. For more information about Midgard Mansion click HERE. NPC: Costume Maker or '@npc costumemaker' With every $50 donation you will received 2 Synthesis Ticket that allows you to convert any headgear's into costumes. NPC: Job Costume or '@npc jobcostume' With a minimum Donation of $100 you get Costume Job Ticket allows you to change your suit into Baby, 1st, 2nd and 3rd job of your current class and revert back to normal (NPC will only allow you to use this ticket if you've Transcended). PLUS! You get 1 Costume Job Ticket for every $50 exceeding $100. Example $150 gives you 2 tickets, $200 gives you 3. Costume Job Tickets are only obtainable only in Special Events and Donation. Costume Job Tickets are trade-able. IMPORTANT: Costume Job Tickets will allow you to unlock 1 Costume Sprite per Ticket on that CHARACTER. If you go on a different character, you will have to unlock the Costumes AGAIN. Job Costume will be LOCKED back if you delete a character that you've unlocked the sprites with. Donation Restriction: Donations made are not accumulative. $50 Today will not give you a Costume Job Ticket for the $50 spent on a different day and $50 Force Bonus Points will not convert to extra Synthesis Tickets. SALE-EXCLUSIVE ITEMS: Black Set & Red Set - These items will only be available for 5 days from October 17th at 5:00 PM server time.
  10. Mansion Invitation will be available on different method, There will be a new NPC that will sells Mansion Invites for Paleo/DT/VotePoints/Credit (will change every other day). We are still working on rates.
  11. [REGISTRATION THREAD] Lord Knight | Champion | Assassin Cross | Jedi Showdown proper will start at 4 PM server time (October 26, 2019). Only one (1) character per player per job is allowed. Players may ought to register to all the jobs but can only win once. If you choose to join all three Job Showdown Tournaments, make sure you are available by 4 PM onwards until evening. Only 16 players for each job will be accepted. First come, first serve. In order to register, please reply the following: In-game name Job If you wish to register in other Job Showdown Tournaments, please reply in this format: IGN | Job IGN | Job IGN | Job Example: Note: In-case you win the Job Showdown Tournament, well then, congratulations! But you must forfeit your slot if you've registered to another one. You can only win once. Do read these important links: Event Thread Rules and Mechanics
  12. Swords clash. Fists meet. Arrows strike. Two warriors of the same kind, class, and prestige. Who shall fall hard? And who shall stand unvanquished? The throne of the gods await for those who come and seek it. ~ Introducing [Job vs Job] Showdown! Warriors of the same kind fight to death until one reaches enlightenment. If you believe that you are your class’s cream-of-the-crop then let us invite you to a tournament that will prove your claim! This monthly event is a 1 VS 1 job-specific competition to know who’s the worthiest in an array of talented players of a particular job class. So you think you're the strongest of your kind, huh? Well, you've come to the right place! Clash with your own kind! This event is a class-specific showdown between Sniper, Champion, and High Wizard in a match-based system. We'll enlist 16 players of a specific job. Registration will take place here in the forums, a registration thread will open a day before the event. Make sure to create your forum accounts by then for registration purposes. Job: Lord Knight, Champion, Assassin Cross and Jedi Date: October 26, 2019 | Starts at 4:00 PM (Server Time) Prove yourself to those who challenge your grit and strength. Stand triumphant or die trying, the choice is yours, fellow warrior. If you win, you get the crown and you get to brag your title as the strongest warrior of your kind! When will you stop watching in envy and take on the challenge? The throne of the gods await you. Prizes: Donation Tickets & Points worth Php 1,500/30 $USD and a Golden Warrior Helm Costume for our champion. Make sure to read the full rules and mechanics of this event.
  13. gotm when

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