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    Mansion Invitation will be available on different method, There will be a new NPC that will sells Mansion Invites for Paleo/DT/VotePoints/Credit (will change every other day). We are still working on rates.
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    WoE on this server is dying because very few guilds are interested in GvGing and precasts are incredibly difficult to break if they're done correctly (it actually probably requires a recall past which isn't good design at all). Lots of guilds just play almost exclusively for kills and thus precast the first room for no good reason (grf/lutie guilds) which makes WoE less interactive. Holding a castle is nearly impossible here (without the aforementioned pure precast setup which is anti-fun) so economy is pointless and being the guild holding the castle before the last 2 minutes will more likely than not yield you losing the castle. There is no quick counter to land protector + potion pitcher + paladin devo + star glad w/ lhz cards (it's still quick w/o lhz cards) breaking your emp considering it takes <10 seconds for them to break it and even if you do kill them, the emp is severely weakened with no opportunity to heal it quick enough for their next attempt. Add in the fact that there's 5-10 star glads rushing your emp with devo + pp during the final few minutes and you end up with something very toxic for people who try to hold the castle. Add in the fact people think they've "won" WoE whenever they lose every GvG but win the emperium breaking lottery in the final 2 minutes of WoE and it's no wonder WoE is dying. More rewards aren't going to change that for the better, they're just going to create an even more toxic environment for breaking at the last moment. Breaking/defending needs to be looked at from a game-mechanic perspective and guild competition needs to be rewarded/incentivized. Guilds/people are leaving because WoE isn't fun/there is no GvG competiton. Whenever you do have GvG competition it can be dominated by randomness and gear ala double attack from gospel and SinX card on champs/LKs on zerg rushes to instantly kill paladins without any recourse. It can be heavily abused in the sense that you wait to get double attack (or EDP if that's available to you, or both if you're insane) and then rush a guild as fast as possible and wipe their paladins and then clean up. Hopefully they don't have double attack and everything is easy. Otherwise you have to actually use some strategy and killing paladins takes time as opposed to double attack 1 asura or double attack BB on 3+ people.
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    I think one way to sweetened things up is to make event coins tradable. just to get things moving more faster. i think selling cards directly would give bad image to the serve, i think.
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    There you go, i never thought that this thread took the attention of @Myke. I wanna share my thoughts regarding this matter, First i want to clarify that i don't possess any of those Thanatos and Lighthalzen Cards (ex. Sniper Card, Assasin Cross Card and many more). If you randomly ask me if i want those card? I would say HELL YEAH!. but i want to be reasonable, i want to considering some crucial factors which you guys refused to think like Economy, Gameplay, Meta, Mechanics and how this one affect the whole server. So im speaking here as a nuetral party for the aforementioned topic. I also want you guys to be aware about the player's Human Nature (Hoarders, Overprice Seller, Buying Cheap and many more). ofcourse if you were in their shoes would you rather sell in-demand item for low price? as much as you can, you want to get much resources here in the server. Example: When i joined the server, the price of Donation Ticket was 150credits Now its 200credits. if you have Donation Ticket you've like to sell, do you wanna sell it for 150c? 200c? or go with 210c? im pretty sure you guys know the answer. in this topic, they are the same. as the thread starter suggested to put the Rare Cards on Donation Manager, This is a Bold move if the admin implemented this and im Against it why? for the reason A.) The Gap between Non-Donator and Donator will be Widen, the rich will manage to possess "EASILY", and the poor dont. B.) The effort of bringing a team and consistently to kill the MVP for that 1.50% Drop Chance of Card will be gone C.) in every server or often highrate server exist Rare items and you cant deny that fact. Here in Ragnaforce, we have this Lhz, Thanatos and +10Equips. if we let this implemented the rarity of the items will be lessen. D.) I just dont want them to walk and talk to Donation Manager, give their xxDonation Ticket then poop, they already got a card. to scrap things out, Im against about it because its too Easy. but we should also consider the intention of the one who up-vote and suggested this topic even before. @Myke my question to you is, WHY THEY KEEP SUGGESTING THIS? Out of All Classes in Ragnarok Online, Theres an 8 Branch of Class that rely on this items to fully Maximize their Character Potential. ya its really unfair that Magic class can attain easily the full potential of their class by having what? Flame Aura, Zakudam Card, Margaretha Soren? while to enable the maximum potential of Physical Class those Cards and Items Needed. i have a different Idea, instead of them walking happily to Donation Manager and exchange their donation ticket to get the goddamn card. I want to Suggest to Implement a Special NPC that Summon Lighthalzen Mobs in a Private Room(just like dbroom) with the payment of 5-10 or 20donation ticket per member and per RUN, instead of them directly having a card, i want them to get it just like how other players manage to get it. if the mob didnt drop a card, they can always retry and pay another 5-10 or 20donation ticket until they manage to get 1. imagine 5 runs and the payment is 20dt, thats a 100dt if they manage to get their cards on their 5th run. this Npc give them access, because as far as i know there are 2-3guild who are camping and monopolizing the Lhz_dun03, instead directly getting a Card, we give them access. Regarding Black Set and Red Set, WHY NOT!?
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    You got it! 😉 we might do something like this.
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    How about adding more thrill inside gold room? Killing Peco Peco all the time make farmers get easily bored. What if the game add some mobs like boss, mini boss or other mobs which are harder to kill that gives more points. This will surely make gold room more fun. Nowadays very few are going to gold room. thanks.
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    These are the content of the "Halloween Event Box" that are given to players by winning events or doing quests. Halloween Event Box 1. Assassin Skull Mask - Mid Headgear 2. Bandage of Sealed Bloody Evil Eye - Mid Headgear 3. Blood Sucker - Lower Headgear 4. Blood Sucker - Requiem Crown of Light and Dark - Upper Headgear 5. Stall of Bat - Lower Headgear 6. There is... Something... - Upper Headgear [ Animated ] 7. Under Lamp - Lower Headgear [ Animated ] 8. Vampire Headband - Upper Headgear 9. Vampire's Familiar - Mid Headgear [ Animated ] 10. You in ONE - Occupies All Headgear Slots
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    I just want to suggest again I know this has been suggested before, that Black&Red Set Thanatoss SinX LKCard and Event Cards will be put in Donation Manager for good. I think there is no bad thing putting it on Donation Manager. The bad thing is that players always overprice it. Then we talk about new players and donors, they cant afford such price and can lead them to quit the game(From my opinion).
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    alot of people do not want to buy +4 or +??? armors but new players instantly upgrade any armor that they have to +4 (like me). I suggest a NPC to remove upgrades on armors at the cost of some credits (to lessen the no. of credits in circulation). If at all possible.
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    [BETA] Midgard Mansion This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server. Introduction After years of secrecy and hiding, the elusive mansion has finally accessible to the citizens of Midgard! Commands @mmtime : Checks time left inside the Midgard Mansion Getting Started In order to access the Midgard Mansion, you must have a Mansion Invitation. The Mansion Invitation is obtainable through the Mansion Receptionist NPC located a little north of the Guild Manager NPC. After obtaining the Mansion Invitation, move north of Midgard and show the Invitation to the Mansion guards. Attempting to enter the mansion without an invitation may lead to punishment. Entering the Mansion Upon entering the mansion, there are receptionists waiting for you. Show the invitation to either one of them in order to access the entirity of the mansion. The receptionist will give the player : Access Card Mobility Pendant Midgard Token Be warned, there are a lots of secrets lies behind these walls. If the player is not careful, they might end up outside. Rooms beyond the Reception Desk Here are the list of rooms that the player can be access to. Cafeteria - Serves delectible, empowering dishes and a special dish of the day for those who are interested with exotic dishes. Guest Room - A place to relax and entertain guests. Please be courteous enough not to disturb other guests. War Room - Room where all the meetings of great importance are held. Some of the books here might interest you as well. Interrogation Room - Mysterious statues guards this hallowed chamber. Discover their secret and you might just be rewarded. Entertainment Room - Room where events and special gatherings happened, but it has more to it that that. Summon and defeat the mansion owners' Apparition by uncovering the secret of this room and be rewarded with your accomplishment. Restricted Areas - Beyond the statues on the hallway, you need an Access Card to enter. Control Room - Houses the Sacred Emperium. It will react to something that you may use in accessing the Midgard Mansion Labyrinth. Secret Garden - A place to relax and unwind. A dwarf blacksmith is also in this place and may forge you something in order to access the Midgard Mansion Labyrinth. Monster Sanctuary - This is where the mansion owners' bred their pet. Secrets of the Mansion's Labyrinth The place where the most valuable treasures are kept. Formidable guardians await the intruder's arrival. Beneath the mansion's garden, lies a labyrinth. Deep within the labyrinth lies the treasure room, guarded by the four appitions of the mansion owners. Think twice before messing with the chest. Upon completing the labyrinth, the player will be rewarded with one of these rare equipment: Asprika Variant Shoes Balmung [4] Sleipnir
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    All the item listed above are restricted. White = cards , grey = items.
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    RAGNAFORCE HALLOWEEN HARVESTING (SAMHAIN FESTIVAL) OCT 17~ NOV 17 With the help of a peculiar scientist specializing in supernatural phenomenon, you will be able to extract "anting-anting" (also known as charms) from the creatures that are terrorizing out towns. These charms are used to ward off evil and prevent them from getting near a person who has them. Surrender these charms to the head farmer Manong Jim so he can distribute it to the farmers for protection. You will be rewarded with your hard efforts. STEP 1 Quest Pre-Requisite: Talk to Dr. Spengler at nif_in 145 33 and bring him the following; 100 Fragment (7094) 100 Flexible Tube (7325) 50 Elastic Band (7200) 1 Backpack (10013) 100 Holy Water (523) 6 Credits 6,666,666 Zeny PROTON BACKPACK (24hours)~ an energy device used for weakening ghosts , designed by Dr. Egon Spengler, is a man-portable particle accelerator system that is used to create a charged particle beam—composed of protons that is fired to neutralize ghost and demons. [non-tradable] Adds chance of dropping "item listed below" when killing the following monsters; Enchanted Brush(Engkanto) ~ An ethereal brush used when performing dark arts. it's made of elvish hair and its effective when used with human blood as ink. Dwarf's Knife (Tiyanak) ~ A small knife with engraved marks, it has been used for numerous murder. Cursed Ladle (Mangkukulam)~ An obsolete ladle used by the generation of witches dated back from 16th century. Bangungut Doll (Bangungut)~ A boy was drowned while playing this doll and his spirit got trapped inside the doll. Holding this doll or being around it causes a feeling of immense grief. Lost Soul (Grimm Reaper) ~ An escaped soul from the possession of the Grimm Reaper! Dripped Blood (Manananggal)~ The Thirst for blood dripped from the fang of blood-sucking witch. Puppet Skewer (Celine Kimi) ~ a skewer used by puppeteer where strings and wires are attached on regional variation. Ripped Wing (Wakwak) ~ A ripped wing from a winged demon captured by the brave human who fought him. Bloody Coin (Bungisngis)~ A bloody token used for granting greedy and evil-driven wishes. Note: Items listed above are non-Tradable STEP 2 Talk to Manong Jim at midgard 174 243 about the Harvester and the amount of materials you need to gather (5 each of item listed above) by hunting the following monster listed below; HALLOWEEN MONSTERS TIYANAK MAP: nif_fild01 / 25x 5~10 mins nif_fild01 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) MANGKUKULAM MAP: gl_cas01 / 25x 5~10 mins gl_cas02 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) WAKWAK MAP: in_sphinx1 / 25x 5~10 mins in_sphinx2 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) BUNGISNGIS MAP: treasure01 / 25x 5~10 mins treasure02 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) MANANANGAL MAP: nameless_n / 25x 5~10 mins abbey_01 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) ENGKANTO MAP: moc_pryd01 / 25x 5~10 mins moc_pryd02 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) CELINE KIMI MAP: gefenia01 / 25x 5~10 mins gefenia02 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) GRIM REAPER MAP: glast_01 / 50x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) BANGUNGUT MAP: lou_dun02 / 25x 5~10 mins lou_dun03 / 25x 5~10 mins DROPS: Ygg Drasil Berry (100%) Ygg Drasil Seed (100%) STEP 3 Submiting the Collected Materials: go back to Manong Jim at midgard 174 243 and bring him all the materials he needed. Quest Reward: (non-repeatable) "SAMHAIN FESTIVAL BOX" Halloween Event box (click here) 1 Enriched Elunium 1 Enriched Oridecon 25 Bloody Branch 25 lvl 200 buff scroll First 3 collectors reward bonus: GM Alexandria's Box
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    IKR. Why Not? A lot of players are buying Black Set but they can't buy or don't want to buy because greedy sellers selling for 150 DT.
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    They can specifically choose the Mobs. the price of summoning is up to you, brainstorm it with your team. if you feel like thats too cheap, adjust it. if you think thats too expensive, lessen it. Trial and Error. Up to you, i just give you the whole idea the specifics is in your team now. also up to you if you want to include Paleo in payment.
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    Hoping for the effects of this rare equipments to be posted too. Thanks
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    Totally -1. You should have atleast wait for the maintenance? Haha.
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    The Icarus Wing + Icarus Book combo is useless for priests right now even if you are support or damage type, Icarus Staff is so much better in terms of damage and Healing. It would be nice if the icarus book + wing combo would give you more damage on holy light and add some % of healing power so that the combo would be viable for priests.
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    Hey guys, I bene out of RO for a while but i got bit by that curious bug when I saw your name on Ratemyserver Haven't played in a HUGE while. Dark-RO was one of my favorite private servers out there I hope I get to enjoy as much your server as I did with Dark-RO It's exciting really I barely know anything about RO now a days. Patching while writing this. Can't wait till I get on and create that first JEDI! >:) Anways see ya'll in game and thanks for having me! PS Looking to join your discord channel I'm still looking for it.
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    Hi! I've been noticing some rant threads lately about how "boring" the server has become, and I personally think that it's due to lack of PVM in the game. My suggestion is to add/implement a weekly or dungeons/instances *i.e Nidhoggur's Nest, Sky Fortress, etc.* and make it harder so that it would require actual teamwork to accomplish, and so that it won't end up like ET that can just be solo'ed. You can also implement a ranking system/reward system to the guild/party that has the most dungeon clears or fastest clear time. Make some quest materials obtainable through those dungeons/instances only so that the players have a reason to enter. P.S I know that there's MH Floor 3 which is meant to be challenged as a Guild, but it's so broken right now that nobody even wants to farm in there.
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    Petition to add a 3rd job sprite (job ticket) for Star Glad and Soul linker. I think it would look pretty cool if Star Glad and Soul Linker players can benefit from Job Tickets as well. Thanks!
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    Hi! I would like to suggest to make the Lvl 200 buff scrolls usable inside woe/koe. I understand that the main purpose of disabling it is because of the assumptio. But why can’t we just debuff assumptio inside the castles? I find it very weird because those scrolls are given as prizes to the longest castle defenders, and yet they can’t be used during woe/koe. if that’s not possible, atleast make the scrolls storage-able so that pvm characters can use them. ♥️
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    I agree on making the scrolls storageable. if my main char cant use it for woe then i should at least get the chance to use it on my farming char.
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    Hmmm we're actually experimenting something like this, the guild/party ranking system is a good one. We'll see
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    Every 1-2 hrs? do you even know how LHZ works? There are 6 different bosses and it respawns every 4 hrs, and it's random boss. Also, please define "Hardcore Hunters".
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    Actually I did. Based on osro and zetaro (previous servers i've played) The recipe always includes RoC which was always the hardest one to get since it was only attainable through LHZ. so even before lhz had card drops I took some RoC for myself just so if ever this item gets released. It just so happens that it did and with the same Quest items so hooray for me.
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    Hello, I've tried finding the exact effects of Black, Red and Blue sets somewhere in forums but unfortunately I'm not able to find it. May i request to put their effects here as well please? Thank you!
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    Red Set = Good for Range Black Set = Good for Melee Blue Set = Good for Tanker All wings are same effect.
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    To express our appreciation for your continued support in Ragnaforce, we are giving extra Donation Tickets and Force Points for your generosity. Your assistance means so much to us and the community, THANK YOU from all of us! Donation Promo: Upto 40% More on any amount of Donations. For easiest conversion you can Google.com the 'amount + 40%' and get the result. For different payment method and PHP to USD conversion visit: http://ragnaforce.com Gift & Special Package are still applied on this promo Example: You Donated $110+ 40% = $154, You will receive 3 Special Gift Package I. There will be no Bonus Job Ticket or Synthesis Ticket on this Promo. BUT WE HAVE A BETTER BONUS FOR YOU! TRY YOUR LUCK ON OUR SCRATCH GAME! How to play? Every $15 worth of your purchase (bonus % not included) you'll get 1 chance to Scratch a number. You can scratch a number once other players can Scratch the same numbers as yours. Scratch Card items will revealed the day after the Donation Promo ends. Rare Items that you can get from Scratch Card Myke Box Allison Box Kieth Box Blaize Box Black & Red Valkyrie Helm Black & Red Dragon Wings Gold Event Coins Silver Event Coins Bronze Event Coins Job Tickets Ultra Rare Items: +10 Banryu (max of 2 winners) +9 Valkyrie Manteau (max of 1 winner) Diabolic Wings (max of 3 winners) Max winners means when someone selected the number of the rare items, the first who selects it wins the items. Donators will have access to see all the numbers including the names who selected it.
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    I agree.. lets see possibilities of improvement
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    Personalized Cap is now available! Price: 60$ Including SPR/ACT Files, You get what you pay for.
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    When you wanted to buff SinX Sonic Blow didnt you want it to be versatile with both weapons katar and dagger or sword? Now you want prof to be support only ? OMEGALUL. They got the skill Double Casting for a reason and its not for supporting GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT IF YOU'RE GONNA KEEP TALKING ABOUT FACT. See? You suggest but you don't actually know how things works thats a FACT. How is your thread gonna be approved LOL. You are the only knight afraid of Professor lol despite having that high HP enough to kill them using reflect only you are still afraid of it? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL You suck in debate and in PvP for thinking AD is buffed by Zakudam Card no need to argue anymore
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    1. They removed it because all jobs use it in WoE and eliminate Paladin easily . Did u see all jobs doing tarot? 2. You only get countered because you suck at PvP @iDeath 3. Stop playing Lord Knight in go 15 then ask for a buff, because its useless for 1v1. 4. You can use @refresh for SonicBlow and cast it again and stop being a noob. 5. You keep suggesting to nerf other jobs that you don't play because it rekt you hundred times i think.
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    Hi Ragnaforce Team, Good day. Kindly want to suggest if the server can implement an automated royal rumble event. Game mechanics was a suggested portal will be click to go in the designated area (any map with hiding spots) of the rumble and the only player left wins the round with a time limit and a killing zone like in PUBG(sorry for the mentioned game). To further support my suggestion (PARTY and DONATOR item should be disabled for fairness) on the map and as we all know if we caught a player by surprise they will sure to die As for the economy kindly want to suggest a Gear/Equipment that we can earn by doing woe meaning weapon,garment,armor,accessory etc. that is effective only on woe/gvg maps only so the outside pk is still balance the item should be tradable and upgradable. Thank you and Regards. More Power RF Team.
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    Hello everybody, Today I'm here to give a suggestion. The auto trade command (@at) should have a maximum time that the character stay online. Or maybe each 3 or 4 days, the server should restart and "log out" all the players! In the market today, there is a lot of useless sellers, selling some dummies itens as "zargon" or "jellopies" for 1B zynes. I believe more than 50% of the sellers are just selling dummy itens. And there is no more spaces in the market to sell the good itens... I hope it help the most part of the players, because my friends and I are getting so upset about it! Greetings from Brazil
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    Don't know why people downvoted what I said. LoL I'm not defending them I'm just saying why they're doing it but okay 😂
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    WELCOME TO RAGNAFORCE FORUM GUIDELINES & RULES A MUST READ BEFORE POSTING AND INTERACTING ! To help you gain the most from Ragnaforce Forums, please familiarize yourself with these rules and guidelines before participating. The forums are a place where people can interact and have discussions about different topics. We ask that you follow these guidelines to ensure that the forums have some productive conversation. These guidelines and rules are designed to help give a better understanding of what behavior is expected and make your experience more enjoyable and safe. GUIDELINES:The DO's of forum First of all this is an ENGLISH website, all forum posts must be written in English - Any thread topics or replies written in a language other than English may be removed without notice. This is mainly because we cannot moderate languages we do not understand except if it's on the International Banter thread. Keep an eye open for new, interesting topics. Before starting a new topic, please check if there is already a topic open on the subject. If so, contribute to it there. we can avoid multiple subjects that may cause confusions. Use descriptive titles for new posts. Avoid "generic" post subjects like "Help" or "Question". You will receive a better response to your posts by being more descriptive about the content of your post. Ignore bothersome members. If there is someone on the forum that bothers you, ignore him/her. Instead, report it to us follow steps in #7 Use good judgement. Remember that contributions to forums often are personal opinions that should not always be considered carefully. Appropriate Content. Ensure you post your thread in the right forum category. Respectful Conduct towards Other Members. All members are entitled to express their opinions in a respectful way, Threads/posts about mocking other members, their comments, profile, threads, or experiences are not acceptable and is subjected to penalty depending on the be Contacting the Moderators and Administrators. FORUM If a post needs moderator or administrator attention or is violating or rules and guidelines there is a ‘report post’ button on every thread. IN-GAME if you want to report someone violating our SERVER RULES please click +CREATE upper right corner of our forum and choose Submit Form reporting must include sufficient details Know Your Game Masters, Administrators and Moderator. Ragnaforce Forum are controlled and moderated by member of the Staff Team composed of Game Masters, Administrators and Moderator. While they may not have answers to all your questions, Staff Team are here to help in any way they can. The have the right to edit or delete posts that violate the rules above without prior notice. Administrator have all the power to nullify rewards, cancel current events if they see exploitation done, or errors that could interfere with the event. You can spot a Staff Team because their posts indicate that their titles. Each Staffs may see things through slightly different eyes and some variance is to be expected. However, Staffs promise to base their decision making on the content of posts rather than personal feelings about the person posting in them. If you have a question for a staffs on a decision, you can message them and discuss it privately. They may not see things the same way you do, but they are open and approachable. RULES: The DONTs of forum No posts that attack, insult, "flame", defame, or abuse members . Respect other members of the community and don’t belittle, make fun off, or insult another member This applies to both the forums and any other comments posted on Ragnaforce Facebook Group by guests or members. No Spamming. 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    Also, books are supposed to be the main weapon for professors. I think it should have bonuses for profs since they cant use the margaretha card anymore.
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    the item has been monopolized that is the reality since myke does nothing if he will see no benefit for him! That is why the server is dying every day that he wants to hide it is something else
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    Make DT's untradeable so the main currency of the server will become Credits and to stop the craving of the none donators. They destroying the server for making DT's the main currency to the fact that not all players are donators.
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    I would like you to change this item for something more accessible for intermediate users since it is almost impossible to get the Robe of cast, I hope you take this into account!
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    Hi GMs and Mods, Regarding Gold Room, i have noticed that the players can still use fly wing even they had been attacked by other players. I would like to suggest to disable the fly wing once attacked by other players. Hope this will be granted. Thanks
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