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    Good day Force! We would like to inform everyone that we will be having a Server Maintenance in Saturday, 07 September 2019 @ 5:00 AM Server Time (@time). Server downtime will be 3~5 hours long. Please log out immediately. Thank you! This maintenance contains Card Meta Updates, Item Improvements, Monster Hunting Shop Updates, WoE & KoE Reward Shop, Anti-Bot (AFK Farmer) System and many more.. Change-log will be posted once the maintenance is done.
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    hi just wanna suggest Making such cards Ifritc,gloomc,fbhc,LHZCARD,Thana Card,VR Card Undroppable and Unsellable in NPC just like Credits since these are Rare cards also hoping this to be Implemented
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    Follow up: Also now I can make Thara + Gtb effect at the same time hehez... Kudos!
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    Agreed lol. Phoenix Wings +10Vit +10% Fire Resist 3% DemiHuman Resist and +10% MaxHP and 200m only while on DWings you have to wear it with ValkHelm that gives -10% Shadow Resist before you Get that 10% MaxHP. on Phoenix Wings you can wear it with what ever headgear you want. nobody uses BlueSet for killing anymore GMG+DW is just a lot better. Because of its stats it's mainly for Paladin Class . 10% HP . But Phoenix Wings seems to be a much better option because of the cost. Beret+PhoenixWings 13% DemiResist 10%HP 10VIT > BlueSet 10%Demi Resist 10%HP 10VIT These stats are the only ones that matter right? since BlueSet is suitable just for Paladin . Because Instead of BlueSet you can buy GMG+Icarus(100Credits) [ 12% more damage to Human and 15%Resist to all Elements except neutral which is better than 10% DemiHuman resistance if enemy is using element] instead of DW+VH(60DonationTickets~50DonationTcikets)[10%DemiDamage+10%DemiResist] Not saying BlueSet stat sucks but BlueSet stats is very close to quest items but the cost between them is very far making quest items a wiser option.
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    These are the content of the "Event Boxes" that are given to players for winning an event. NOTE: Only GM's can give out these event boxes. Blaize Event Box 1. Amistr Beret [Animated] - Upper Headgear 2. Angel Marcher Hat [Animated] - Upper Headgear 3. Classical Ribbon - Upper Headgear 4. Idun Feather Ears - Upper Headgear 5. Magical Feather - Upper Headgear 6. Sky of Memory - Upper Headgear 7. Two Tone Beret - Upper Headgear Kieth Event Box 1. Arabian Veil - Upper Headgear 2. Large Ribbon Muffler - Lower Headgear 3. Miracle Blue Rose - Lower Headgear 4. Odium Thanatos Mask - Middle and Lower Headgear 5. Poker Card in Mouth - Lower Headgear 6. Showy High Cap - Upper Headgear 7. Spell Circuit - [Animated] Upper Headgear Myke Event Box 1. Analyze Eye [Animated] - Lower Headgear 2. Helm of Hermes - Upper Headgear 3. Dragon Helm - Upper Headgear 4. Luffy Hat - Upper Headgear 5. Drooping Garm - Upper Headgear 6. Pimp Hat - Upper Headgear 7. Twin Rabbit - Mid Headgear
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    I agree.. lets see possibilities of improvement
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    This is applied for... Special events say... gotm, event koe/woe, job showdowns. This is for us to voice out our concerns/suggest improvements for the next special events. Doesnt have to be in a paragraph form. Like 1-5 rating or just a few words on where u guys should improve. I believe that feedback is a gift and shall not be taken personally and negatively so ✌🏻.
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    btw, he also excited to get next lhz card.
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    Good day Force! Here are the following updates that were implemented for the Scheduled Maintenance that took place. This change-logs includes a few game improvements from our Suggestions, as well as fixes for Bugs, and additional General Information. Game Improvements Modified Fist of Fury and Skewer slot count from 3 to 4. Margarthe Sorin Card affects only Wizard class. Zakudam now drops Zakudam Card. Removed Jedi's Force Haste skill and replace by Force Levitate skill. Modified Uber Lightsabers' base attack and slot count. Uber Yellow Lightsaber - Attack Power from 70 to 85 Uber Green Lightsaber - Slot count from 2 to 3 Uber Purple Lightsaber - Slot count from 3 to 4 Uber Red Lightsaber - Slot count from 2 to 3 Modified Icarus Katar's base attack from 145 to 200 Modified Lord Knight's Spiral Pierce damage formula from 100+SkillLV*50% to 100+SkillLv*200%. Modified Jedi's Force Frenzy attack bonus from 7*SkillLV% to 10*SkillLV%. Modified Sith's Saber Thrust attack bonus When a Red/Uber Red Lightsaber is equipped, the attack bonus is 8*SkillLV% + 15*SkillLV%. When other lightsabers are equipped, the attack bonus is 8*SkillLV% + 8*SkillLv%. Added new quest items on All-in-One Quest NPC. Creed Helm Cygnus Helm Neptune Protector Evolved Poo Poo Hat Evolved Gigantic Magestic Goat Evolved Traveler Hat Flame Aura [might change without prior notice] Diabolic Wings Added new donation item on Donation Manager NPC. Flame Aura [might change without prior notice] Forbidden Cyclops' Eye Added new reward items on Guild Manager NPC. WoE Reward Shop Dark Lord Helm Black Fairy Ears Anonymous Mask Prince Cape Dark Valkyrie Blessing Diabolus Sword [BETA] KoE Reward Shop is to be followed. Added new artifacts on Artifacts Shop NPC. Domino's Cap Sage's Ring Hollow Mask Tobi Mask Black Invoker Cape Added Anti-AFK Farming Captcha System. List of maps that will trigger the system Labyrinth Forest F3 (prt_maze03) Freya's Sacred Precicnt F4 (ra_san04) Gold Room (goldroom) Bug & Fixes Fixed Icarus Revolver's base attack from 35 to 140. Additional Information Added trade restriction to Paleo Badges. Removed Hairband requirement for the Headprotector quests. Monsters from Excavation Site F1 now gives 0~1 Fossil. Added KoE Reward System. Click here for more information. Freebies NPC now gives 2 White Valkyrie Sets. Increase amount of supplies from the Guild Leader Pack. Sealed Valkyrie Set is now given on every guild member. When whole set is equipped, the player will gain immunity to Freeze status. Additional damage taken from all attacks by 10%. War of Emperium Morning War of Emperium now runs from 10:00 to 11:00 (Server Time). Removed Mini-WoE map on weekends. All new items effect might change without prior notice
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    When you wanted to buff SinX Sonic Blow didnt you want it to be versatile with both weapons katar and dagger or sword? Now you want prof to be support only ? OMEGALUL. They got the skill Double Casting for a reason and its not for supporting GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT IF YOU'RE GONNA KEEP TALKING ABOUT FACT. See? You suggest but you don't actually know how things works thats a FACT. How is your thread gonna be approved LOL. You are the only knight afraid of Professor lol despite having that high HP enough to kill them using reflect only you are still afraid of it? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL You suck in debate and in PvP for thinking AD is buffed by Zakudam Card no need to argue anymore
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    The item is more like of a God Item or such. It deserves high difficulty quest requirements.
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    You really sure about this? Top 1 is Sniper Last month Woe Top killer is Sniper Underpowered? just hahahaha
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    Hi Ragnaforce Team, Good day. Kindly want to suggest if the server can implement an automated royal rumble event. Game mechanics was a suggested portal will be click to go in the designated area (any map with hiding spots) of the rumble and the only player left wins the round with a time limit and a killing zone like in PUBG(sorry for the mentioned game). To further support my suggestion (PARTY and DONATOR item should be disabled for fairness) on the map and as we all know if we caught a player by surprise they will sure to die As for the economy kindly want to suggest a Gear/Equipment that we can earn by doing woe meaning weapon,garment,armor,accessory etc. that is effective only on woe/gvg maps only so the outside pk is still balance the item should be tradable and upgradable. Thank you and Regards. More Power RF Team.
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    This update comes with 2 phase, This is just the first as you see Midgard Mansion is not yet implemented (Variant and Asprika Quest). This is to promote the higher LEVEL of Monster Hunt, which comes with new quest as well (the Boss). More like Ktullanux Summon and requirements on some high-end quest.
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    IKR, who needs level 5 heal in a high rate, 255, berry based server? wearing a bow and not having a shield you are easily killed by other characters before you even have the chance to think of using the level 5 heal.
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    No need to nerfed anything, its just good as it is
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    Hi, i'm natsuyaki. My suggestion is the following: due to the large increase in players due to guild packs, through the mobile app, etc. I find something unfair that they have an "extremely" greater difficulty, to get letters like fbh, or gloom under night, Due to this, the following idea occurred to me. since they created a copy of the mvps that no longer drop card, at these mvps, give them a card rate of 0.4%. (this is in bloody branch) ie the new player, (because many are casual players) with HE bubble gum, would be 1,2% drop, because it is bloody branch, it is nothing that a constant farming, make you get it. since the new playerb will see the difficulty in obtaining it, in competition to old players with full equip, he will be lazy, and he will have two options, or he will erase the game, or he will be in the gold room all day. on the other hand, to mvps, killed on your map (gloom in ra_san05) drops rate upload to 3% (whit he buble gum = 6%) why more%? this is due to the fact that the player who kills the mvp on the map dedicates hours to the game, many of us use texts to record the time of death, and calculate the next one. this would benefit the players (farmers in the maps) and the casual ones due to dbroom. I came up with this additionally, since I find it really stupid, that a gloom is sold at 5-7b, and Donation items, are sold at the same price Excuse me for my English, I hope you get to understand the idea.
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    Icarus Sword - this one tilt me so hard, i cant even comprehend regarding the effect of this one but let me figure out the idea of the creator of this sword. the creator of this sword want to normal attack to proc the 5 call spirit then stop and press finger offensive to the enemy??? im pretty sure even if i dont explain it much sarcasm will make sense and anyone will agree that this one is under-powered. Proposal to the new effect for aforementioned Sword Icarus Sword -BB 2% Per Refine Combination with Wing -5% casting of critical wound lvl 1 to the enemy when getting hit OR 5% casting curse to the enemy when getting hit
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    And you think it is correct? If you don't have any thing to sell, let who has sell. There is some sellers more than 3 weeks without anything to sell. Look the picture attached. The same guy, called "Lachellen" (Main account), have more then 20 markets opened. And more then 50% don't have anything to sell. Sorry, but that only disturbs the server. A LOT!
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    people here dont give a fckin guide for newbies hahaha 1) use @mh 2) pay 10m 3) enter to the dungeon (talking to npc in the right) 4) for 10 points u got 1 badge 5) in npc you change all points (ex 300 points are 30 paleo badge) 6) for example armor enchantment = 15 badges 7) with the scroll in your inventory use @npc enchant 8 ) there is a chance of get failed, make sure you have a lot of scrolls
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    try to unchecked the show quest. yep, the token quest still doesn't appear at the quest window (alt+u). sad sad Y_Y
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    All I want is for the game to survive for even a couple of years, and not get drained out because if for example these rare cards such as Gloom, FBH and Ifrit aren't there. The distance between the "endgame" equipment would be too far. There wouldn't be a bridge between these values. The thanatos card is worth 200 DT, then there's no other card that would serve as a bridge for the other people. They can't progress from the least rare card (FBH) , then after Gloom, then IFRIT, then get Thanatos. In the situation you want you want people who want to get Thanatos to earn all the money just to one shot that thanatos and not enjoy the process of getting FBH(and use a magic user), then GLOOM( use a breaker or do MVP hunting) , IFRIT (FOR CRIT TYPE SINX AND SNIPERS) .
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    ranting players = ro is life fyi since day 1. cards of ifrit fbh and gloom can be looted in bb then there comes the time that admins removed it. players with hoards of rare cards take advantage from it and sell it to high price. new comers can't cope with the prices . so this suggestion thread is very good for newbies. all the ranting players have crab mentality and selfish attitudes. very greedy. you all want to hold the market in this server ro is life? get a life .
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    Yeah with low drop rates implemented it would be fair, just for the newcomers to cope up also
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    Waiting for other staff/players thoughts.
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    Guild Package Application Here's what everyone is waiting for! In preparation for our upcoming WoE, We are giving away Guild Packs to EVERY GUILD (old and new) who wish to participate on our first GVG/WoE Trial. So start teaming up to avail of this package! It's time to get your PK ON and rock this server! Requirements Minimum of 10 members. All members should be level 255. No member of a Guild should come from the same account. All members of the guild should be from different accounts and owned by different people. All members of the Guild should be online during the time of the claim or we will not accept it. How it works? Once your guild is approved, Admins will give a Guild Package box to the guild leader. It is IMPORTANT that you're NOT OVERWEIGHT and have enough Inventory Space before opening the box. Every member will receive: The leader must choose from his guild members who gets the following: !!!IMPORTANT!!! GUILD PACKAGE RESTRICTIONS: All guild bound items are trade-able between guild members ONLY. Should any member wearing GPack item(s) get kicked out of or leave the guild , all of the GPack items will go back in to Gstorage. If the guild dis-bands or breaks, all items will be deleted. CLICK HERE to apply!
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    I think we should consider their skills throwing and FS (HP based damage) type Ninja to be revamped. Cause right now, they only rely on their magic skills. I think its more fun not only for me but for everyone if they Ninja Job is flexible such as (Throw Type, FS type or Magic Type). So what i can suggest is to have an Icarus Weapon for ninja, that will amplify its throwing skills and HP also the magic, or just revamp the HP and the skill script itself.
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    1. They removed it because all jobs use it in WoE and eliminate Paladin easily . Did u see all jobs doing tarot? 2. You only get countered because you suck at PvP @iDeath 3. Stop playing Lord Knight in go 15 then ask for a buff, because its useless for 1v1. 4. You can use @refresh for SonicBlow and cast it again and stop being a noob. 5. You keep suggesting to nerf other jobs that you don't play because it rekt you hundred times i think.
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    Skewer Can equip Jedi Special Package Error Sprite Sprite jedi
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    they should put it before the server opens
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    -1 for this. Can you imagine, if all the players have that card? How's economy of this server? Imagine this, 1st-2nd week of the server? How fbh, ifrit ant gloom cost? around 400-700m peak of 600 online. As far as i remember, i got those cards from dbroom and honestly it;'s hard to sell those cards when people got more cards than i have. And now, suggestion to get it back in dbroom again? Basically, it is easy to get zeny here. I know some player who play "FREE" from the start and now they got vset already, because hardtime farm/selling stuffs. (Do include me, i've never try woe/pk area.. Because i want to farm, farm and farm) anyways i mentioned this player 'F R E E C S' the one who earn more zeny via selling ica weapon/naga shield. ( I know, you saw that name on bc'd selling ica weapon. ) Instead of this, make a new Quest items/weapon that can sell and new player player can get some zeny from hunting stuffs. 1 thing i would suggest, make a new currency. TCG CARD (event rewards) that can buy headgear/weapon so atleast not DONATION TICKET will be flow in economy.
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    Lets say its droppable on BB even it has a super low chance card drop rate it will be easy for an addict to get a card. This suggestion is good i am seeing that! but guys imagine if GM implemented this kind of thing on BB, look for example me when im tired doing BB i can call one of my friends to use my account to continuously doing BB, guys come on! think about that so many players can abuse this thing. I dont take this suggestions negatively but this thing can destroy the economy of this server, and guys remember the old style ragnarok this is a competetive game. I am only concern about the economy of our server, and this is the first time i heard about this kind of thing if it happens this is the first time for me to play on a server with official droppable cards on mvp on BB. Well guys whatever happens Stay Strong Ragnaforce!
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    VA VM Vshield Niles Vh pm me IG Remix JackWell
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    red set is good already, blackset = still waiting for rebuffs, its already approve in other suggestion. why saying its useless? its cheap already if cant afford the red and blackset. buy blue dwing + gmg/hokage/kakashi/bfb. you saying its useless because its good only for paladin people and because of phoenix wings. just nerf the phoenix wings, remove the +10vit reduce demi and fire resist.
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    SG dont need buff , Sniper does come on what's up with that Diabolic Wings.
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    You want to 1 hit sonic blow everyone ? I do 40k Sonic Blow to Dummy without Megingjard just link and EDP Crazy suggestion LOL. Remove Coma status? You are crazy there is not any server I know that Tarot has no coma Its not 100% chance why the nerf? . Many would disagree to your suggestion not just us.
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    This guy hates magic . because he does not know how to build up elemental resistance they are not even expensive and cards droprate is 10%.. Well I'm gonna hate magic users too if I am that idiot. He does not know that those job would be so useless without those cards because of resist items and cards + gtb. Disable margaretha Remove Zakudam Remove Wizards,Ninja,Professors,Copying of Magic Skills for Professors as well. Is this what you want? Cos they'll all be useless without those cards. I don't play neither of the jobs mentioned but I don't hate them either because they are too easy to counter LMFAO. Invite more people here to see your suggestion LOL. I believe this holy Idiot thinks that Acid Demo is magic damage and is buffed by Margaretha before the update now with the Zakudam Card HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    I don't understand the hostility here, you guys are in the suggestion section some may agree and disagree the idea. Mosaic please observe your language we do not tolerate this kind of behavior. Btw Those are cool heagears we don't have a permission to use them from its maker but We do have a collection of cool stuffs waiting for implementation. So watch out.
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    I would like you to change this item for something more accessible for intermediate users since it is almost impossible to get the Robe of cast, I hope you take this into account!
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    Also, books are supposed to be the main weapon for professors. I think it should have bonuses for profs since they cant use the margaretha card anymore.
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    Thanks for bringing this up. no need for revamping the blueset, because its cheap already compared to black and redset. players cant afford the black and red set use blue dragon wing + GMG or hokage. Better downgrade the phoenix wings remove its +10vit and fire resist or the reduce demi.
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    Because its a Fast Paced Gaming where magic dominates FLEE -Bring back the FLEE penalty on GvG maps Tarot Card of Fate -Remove the Coma Status( or I suggest make enemy HP to 10-20% ) -Tarot Dispel Bypasses GTB( this should be reverted ) again its a fast paced meta and everyone can spam skills, wearing GTB shield just make you open from ASURA STRIKE MBK -This skill must be disabled on GvG maps Whitesmith -Cart Termination( has a chance of splash dmg 3x3cell (20-30% chance) ) Champion -Reduce their MAX SP of ASURA to 4k-4.5k -Kiel Card ( If worn by Champion class, reduce after cast delay 30% ) SinX -Icarus Katar should be ( for every 1 refine reduce dmg from demihuman and magic +10 = 10%reduce dmg from demi and magic ) -Reduce the delay of Sonic Blow -remove the reduce dmg -25% and cooldown from link in every seige mode Lord Knight -Remove the gutterlines and corner gutterlines Adds - Apply the Weapon type vs Size Weapon Type Small Medium Large Bare Fist 100 100 100 Dagger 100 75 50 One-handed Sword 75 100 75 Two-handed Sword 75 75 100 One-handed Spear 75 75 100 Two-handed Spear 75 75 100 One-handed Axe 50 75 100 Two-handed Axe 50 75 100 Mace 75 100 100 Staff 100 100 100 Bow 100 100 75 Claw / Knuckle 100 75 50 Musical Instrument 75 100 75 Whip 75 100 50 Book 100 100 50 Katar 75 100 75 Revolver 100 100 100 Rifle 100 100 100 Shotgun 100 100 100 Gatling Gun 100 100 100 Grenade Launcher 100 100 100 Fuuma Shuriken 100 100 100 Fix Cat Ear Beret +5 - 10 reduce dmg from demihuman not working
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