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  2. Pogwa / Sniper Coloring Book / High Wiz Boom Box / Champ
  3. This GM Blaize, i am equipping the Proton Backpack. But the monsters that supposed to drop these items doesn't drop the items. Even other players are telling me. Not even a single item.
  4. Hello!!! If you're talking about the other quest, the quest items do not drop with the monsters. The script is on the Proton Pack. If you're not equipped with it, the items will not drop. With this summoning quest, you can @mi 3189 ~ 3194
  5. You got it! 😉 we might do something like this.
  6. How about adding more thrill inside gold room? Killing Peco Peco all the time make farmers get easily bored. What if the game add some mobs like boss, mini boss or other mobs which are harder to kill that gives more points. This will surely make gold room more fun. Nowadays very few are going to gold room. thanks.
  7. Hi! GM. how to fix an error in ragnaforce in PC?. error in download.

    1. Blaize


      What do you mean? It won't install or the game won't work?

  8. Yesterday
  9. What is the drop rate those items (@mi doesn't show), we tried killing hundreds with bubble gum but didn't get not even one of those items.
  10. Yes, It is GVG Mode, We might delay it, Because we work on Halloween Events). But it will happen this month!
  11. Now we've got CGotM, when is Guild of the Month?
  12. These are the content of the "Halloween Event Box" that are given to players by winning events or doing quests. Halloween Event Box 1. Assassin Skull Mask - Mid Headgear 2. Bandage of Sealed Bloody Evil Eye - Mid Headgear 3. Blood Sucker - Lower Headgear 4. Blood Sucker - Requiem Crown of Light and Dark - Upper Headgear 5. Stall of Bat - Lower Headgear 6. There is... Something... - Upper Headgear [ Animated ] 7. Under Lamp - Lower Headgear [ Animated ] 8. Vampire Headband - Upper Headgear 9. Vampire's Familiar - Mid Headgear [ Animated ] 10. You in ONE - Occupies All Headgear Slots
  13. Personalized Cap is still available for Grab, Promo also applies to Personalized Cap (including Force Points).
  14. Apologizing for my inactivity, I'm still here! 😘

  15. Fair game I think is when you are farming for your livelihood, you can choose to fly away and protect your goods or fight back. Gold room isn't made to pvp or torment people. It's supposed to be played wisely.
  16. As I've replied to other threads regarding LHZ and rare cards being available in Donation Shop, I am strongly against this. Donors are already dominating with exclusive sets instantly in their hands while non-donors still need to recuperate their DTs through Buy n Sell to be able to obtain them (who even knows when they have enough DTs for the SEASONAL sets?). So much more if the LHZs are purchase-able, this will just further the gap between donors and non-donors. I apologize in advance if this will sound tacky, but it doesn't matter how expensive we sell it. We don't want the money, we have enough resources (not just from donations) to keep us running for years. We WANT to keep our server for years and I think putting LHZ cards will just put us deeper into being a PAY TO WIN server, which is not what we want. This is the best idea I've seen so far. So the said room access is exclusive for donors only, obtainable only through donation process and not in the shop, or will this be available for anyone with DT in-hand? Thank you!
  17. I think it's a good idea! Let you know if anything changes. Thanks so much!
  18. Put your records on, tell me your favorite songs 😊😎🤗🥰 Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
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