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  2. thanks a lot. i got it fixed now
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  4. Yes, that's correct. It at least gives a little window for physical ranged people to hit their target inside pneuma and possibly decimate them while having the downside of them needing to get near
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  6. That happened to me too. You just need to update your client.
  7. In short pneuma can only block range attack from outside 3x3 cells range? Just like the modification of champion's blade stop but the other way around. Sounds convincing let's hear what others may say about it.
  8. Hello, I've seen this kind of Pneuma in some other server so might as well take my chance to try it out here if this'll be a good idea for you guys. So Pneuma there has a special condition where ranged attacks can hit players inside Pneuma if the ranged attacker/s are 1 - 3 blocks close from the player inside Pneuma. To give an example, if I'm inside Pneuma, any sniper or any ranged attacks that Pneuma usually blocks can hit me if they are 1 - 3 blocks close from me.
  9. Thank you, ill check this out!
  10. Also, books are supposed to be the main weapon for professors. I think it should have bonuses for profs since they cant use the margaretha card anymore.
  11. According to one of their promo topics under Announcements: https://ragnaforce.com/forum/index.php?/topic/660-road-to-100-days-donation-promo/ EDIT: But in-game, I don't know how much they're worth (whether in DT or in zeny)
  12. Hi. i can't seem to find the reset feeling/hatred for SG. anyone can show me where or how it is done ?
  13. Last week
  14. how many DTs does it range? or how much in game? thank you in advance
  15. Reward revealed, Please pm me to claim your rewards, Closed.
  16. Mainly, you get it via donation, when there is a promo. But you can buy it from players who sell it in-game.
  17. I agree.. lets see possibilities of improvement
  18. The Icarus Wing + Icarus Book combo is useless for priests right now even if you are support or damage type, Icarus Staff is so much better in terms of damage and Healing. It would be nice if the icarus book + wing combo would give you more damage on holy light and add some % of healing power so that the combo would be viable for priests.
  19. My friend has a spare +10 Ica Book if you still want to buy one.
  20. Hi, Where can i get the Job Costume Ticket please? Thank you
  21. This is what the npc @market has. been trying to buy a +10 ica book for a week but no one seems to have one at the moment.
  22. you can buy Book[4] in @market npc but icarus book is better in @npc questshop
  23. Bump! i wanna try this build but i can't find any book[4]. creamy fear only drops book[3].
  24. yes i was also thinking of that but since i enjoy the game more by hunting monster, i would rather have a more powerful kakashi than a weaker cygnus
  25. Personalized Cap is now available! Price: 60$ Including SPR/ACT Files, You get what you pay for.
  26. Versace on the floor

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