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Information [Event Information] Item Restrictions for Monthly Events

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Item Restrictions for Monthly Events

List of items/cards that will not be allowed during the Monthly Events like Job Showdown and Guild vs Guild Events etc depending on GM instructions.


Rare Items/Cards | Sealed Items/Cards | Status Items/Cards | Strip Items/Cards | Damage Reduction Cards | Enchantment OrbsConsumables | Skills


Rare Items/Cards

Carnation Bouquet [1] Vidar's Boots [1] Banryu [4] Valkyrie Armor [1]
Valkyrie Shield [1] Valkyrie Shoes [1] Valkyrie Manteau [1] Nile Rose [1]
Sleipnir Traveler Hat[1] Kakashi Headprotector [1] Valkyrie Helm [1]
Black Valkyrie Helm [1] Red Valkyrie Helm [1] Cyclop's Eyes Dragon Wings
Black Dragon Wings Red Dragon Wings Flame Aura Diabolic Wings
Evolved Traveler Hat [1] Evolved Gigantic Magestic Goat [1] Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Gloom Under Night Card
Ifrit Card Valkyrie Randgris Card Lord Knight Card Assassin Cross Card
Whitesmith Card High Priest Card High Wizard Card Sniper Card
Memory of Thanatos Card Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] Balmung [4] Variant Shoes
Asprika Forbidden Cyclop's Eye [1]


Sealed Items/Cards

Sealed Valkyrie Armor [1] Sealed Valkyrie Shield [1] Sealed Valkyrie Shoes [1]
Sealed Valkyrie Manteau [1] Sealed Golden Thief Bug Card Sealed Tao Gunka Card
Sealed Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Sealed Gloom Under Night Card Sealed Ifrit Card


Status Items/Cards

Ring of Resonance Curved Sword [2] Edge Ginnungagap
Ginnungagap [1] Ice Falchion Immaterial Sword Ivory Knife
Katar of Cold Icicle Katar of Cold Icicle [3] Katar of Piercing Wind Katar of Piercing Wind [3]
Katar of Quaking Katar of Quaking [3] Katar of Raging Blaze Katar of Raging Blaze [3]
Krieg [3] Loki's Nail Mysteltainn Poison Knife
Poison Knife [2] Scalpel [3] Various Jur [4] Unholy Touch
Weihna [2] Breeze Card Brilight Card Chimera Card
Creamy Fear Card Dark Frame Card Demon Pungus Card Disguise Card
Farmiliar Card Flame Skull Card Giant Spider Card Grizzly Card
Garm Card Hell Poodle Card Karakasa Card Kraben Card
Lord of the Dead Card Magnolia Card Majoruros Card Marina Card
Metaller Card Nightmare Terror Card Pest Card Plankton Card
Ragged Zombie Card Novus Card Requiem Card Rybio Card
Sasquatch Card Savage Babe Card Skeleton Card Skel Prisoner Card
Skogul Card Snake Card Stormy Knight Card Venomous Card
Wraith Dead Card Zenorc Card Punk Card Maero of Thanatos Card


Strip Items/Cards

Drill Katar [1] Metalling Card Wickebine Tres Card
Mailbreaker Mailbrekaer [3] Swordbreaker
Swordbreaker [3]


Damage Reduction Cards

  Ogretooth Card Tatacho Card


Sesame Pastry Honey Pastry Rainbow Cake
Halo-Halo Big Defense Potion Big Magic Defense Potion
Abrasive Steamed Tongue Steamed Scorpion
Dragon Breath Cocktail Hwergelmir's Tonic Cooked Nine Tail's Tails
Stew of Immortality Daehwandan Taecheongdan
Glass of Illusion



Assassin Cross Jedi Lord Knight
Hiding Jedi Stealth Parrying
Cloaking Saber Parry


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