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Found 9 results

  1. Item Restrictions for Monthly Events List of items/cards that will not be allowed during the Monthly Events like Job Showdown and Guild vs Guild Events etc depending on GM instructions. Rare Items/Cards | Sealed Items/Cards | Status Items/Cards | Strip Items/Cards | Damage Reduction Cards | Enchantment Orbs | Consumables | Skills table { width: 100%; border-collapse: collapse; } tr td { border: 1px solid #333; padding: 4px 16px; text-align: center; font-size: 12px; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 0 #090909; } tr td.col-4 { width: 25%; } tr td.col-3 { width: 33.3%; } tr td.col-2 { width: 50%; } tr td.even { background: #111; } tr td.odd { background: #181818; } Rare Items/Cards Carnation Bouquet [1] Vidar's Boots [1] Banryu [4] Valkyrie Armor [1] Valkyrie Shield [1] Valkyrie Shoes [1] Valkyrie Manteau [1] Nile Rose [1] Sleipnir Traveler Hat[1] Kakashi Headprotector [1] Valkyrie Helm [1] Black Valkyrie Helm [1] Red Valkyrie Helm [1] Cyclop's Eyes Dragon Wings Black Dragon Wings Red Dragon Wings Flame Aura Diabolic Wings Evolved Traveler Hat [1] Evolved Gigantic Magestic Goat [1] Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Gloom Under Night Card Ifrit Card Valkyrie Randgris Card Lord Knight Card Assassin Cross Card Whitesmith Card High Priest Card High Wizard Card Sniper Card Memory of Thanatos Card Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] Balmung [4] Variant Shoes Asprika Forbidden Cyclop's Eye [1] Sealed Items/Cards Sealed Valkyrie Armor [1] Sealed Valkyrie Shield [1] Sealed Valkyrie Shoes [1] Sealed Valkyrie Manteau [1] Sealed Golden Thief Bug Card Sealed Tao Gunka Card Sealed Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Sealed Gloom Under Night Card Sealed Ifrit Card Status Items/Cards Ring of Resonance Curved Sword [2] Edge Ginnungagap Ginnungagap [1] Ice Falchion Immaterial Sword Ivory Knife Katar of Cold Icicle Katar of Cold Icicle [3] Katar of Piercing Wind Katar of Piercing Wind [3] Katar of Quaking Katar of Quaking [3] Katar of Raging Blaze Katar of Raging Blaze [3] Krieg [3] Loki's Nail Mysteltainn Poison Knife Poison Knife [2] Scalpel [3] Various Jur [4] Unholy Touch Weihna [2] Breeze Card Brilight Card Chimera Card Creamy Fear Card Dark Frame Card Demon Pungus Card Disguise Card Farmiliar Card Flame Skull Card Giant Spider Card Grizzly Card Garm Card Hell Poodle Card Karakasa Card Kraben Card Lord of the Dead Card Magnolia Card Majoruros Card Marina Card Metaller Card Nightmare Terror Card Pest Card Plankton Card Ragged Zombie Card Novus Card Requiem Card Rybio Card Sasquatch Card Savage Babe Card Skeleton Card Skel Prisoner Card Skogul Card Snake Card Stormy Knight Card Venomous Card Wraith Dead Card Zenorc Card Punk Card Maero of Thanatos Card Strip Items/Cards Drill Katar [1] Metalling Card Wickebine Tres Card Mailbreaker Mailbrekaer [3] Swordbreaker Swordbreaker [3] Damage Reduction Cards Ogretooth Card Tatacho Card Consumables Sesame Pastry Honey Pastry Rainbow Cake Halo-Halo Big Defense Potion Big Magic Defense Potion Abrasive Steamed Tongue Steamed Scorpion Dragon Breath Cocktail Hwergelmir's Tonic Cooked Nine Tail's Tails Stew of Immortality Daehwandan Taecheongdan Glass of Illusion Skills Assassin Cross Jedi Lord Knight Hiding Jedi Stealth Parrying Cloaking Saber Parry
  2. Guild Package Application Here's what everyone is waiting for! In preparation for our upcoming WoE, We are giving away Guild Packs to EVERY GUILD (old and new) who wish to participate on our first GVG/WoE Trial. So start teaming up to avail of this package! It's time to get your PK ON and rock this server! Requirements Minimum of 10 unique Guild Members. Guild Level: 50 All members should be level 255. No member of a Guild should come from the same account. All members of the guild should be from different accounts and owned by different people. All members of the Guild should be online during the time of the claim or we will not accept it. How it works? Once your guild is approved, Admins will give a Guild Package box to the guild leader. It is IMPORTANT that you're NOT OVERWEIGHT and have enough Inventory Space before opening the box note: WE WILL ONLY GIVE GUILD MASTER PACK FOR STABLISH GUILD ONLY. Every member will receive: The leader must choose from his guild members who gets the following: !!!IMPORTANT!!! GUILD PACKAGE RESTRICTIONS: All guild bound items are trade-able between guild members ONLY. Before you kick your GUILD MEMBER(s) or before the MEMBER(s) leave the guild, We recommend to transfer first the GPACK ITEMS into GUILDMATES via trade or put it on @gstorage to avoid lost of Guild Package Items(s) Should any member wearing GPack item(s) get kicked out of or leave the guild , all of the GPack items will go back in to Gstorage. If the guild dis-bands or breaks, all items will be deleted. CLICK HERE to apply!
  3. Wave Instance (Ordeal) This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server. Command @npc wave Wave Instance Mechanics Wave Mode instance is a mini-game mode in memorial dungeon, it is similar to tower defense game fashion. The game starts when the player enters the dungeon. Wave Mode dungeon lasts 1 hour. A MVP-monster wave is released once every 20 seconds and the monsters that appear differ for each wave. A special treasure box appears every after 25th monster wave. It will give each party member an Event Points. All monsters dont drop loots. The wave will be cycled every after 25th wave and the monster will become stronger. To enter, find Entrance NPC 'Lady Wanda' (@npc wave).
  4. PvP Throne System This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server. Mechanics This system only works at @go 15 (Training Grounds) If a player becomes the King/Queen of PvP, they will receive a status buff that will increase their ATK, MATK, MaxHP and MaxSP. Every time that the current King/Queen kills a player, the buff will increase by 1%. When the current King/Queen of PvP is dethroned by another player, half of the accumulated status buff will be received by that player. When the current King/Queen of PvP leaves the/suicides in Training Grounds, the player will automatically withdraw the title of King/Queen of PvP. Character Name Display when the player is the King/Queen of PvP.
  5. World Boss This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server. Command @worldboss - Checks the status of the World Boss. World Boss Mechanics The players must have an accumulated MvP kills in order to call the World Boss. MvPs killed from Bloody Branches and MvP Rooms are not included. After reaching the MvP kills, one of these World Bosses will spawn around cities. Unsealed Dark Lord Valkyrie Reginleif Valkyrie Ingrid After killing the World Boss, A World Boss Chest will appear. For those players who have dealt enough damage to the World Boss will receive rewards by clicking the World Boss Chest. The higher the rank, the greater the reward to receive.
  6. REQUIREMENTS You must have a great knowledge about Ragnarok Online You must have at-least 200 followers on Facebook Page You must have at-least Past 2 Videos "Streaming" of Ragnaforce Minimum of 2 hours a day for every stream. if you can stream 4 times a week much better. You must stream RagnaForce for at least 2 hours a day. Must include #Ragnaforce #PlayRagnaforce #RagnaForceNumber1 on your description. All this useful link must be on Pinned Comment and description while streaming CAPTION IN EVERY STREAM BELOW ⚫️ Server Links ⚫️ ✅ Website: http://ragnaforce.com ✅ Download: http://ragnaforce.com/?module=pages&action=download ✅ Forum: http://ragnaforce.com/forum ✅ Discord: https://discord.io/RagnaForce ✅ FB Page: https://facebook.com/RagnarokOnlineForce ✅ FB Group: https://facebook.com/groups/RagnarokOnlineForce/ ✅ Force Marketplace Official: https://facebook.com/groups/romarketplaceofficial #Ragnaforce #PlayRagnaforce #RagnaForceNumber1 Please use this overlay: RagnaForce Streamer Overlay Download Here: https://discord.gg/YmNp5G4Pzy STREAMER STARTER PACK --- Streamer Starter Pack: 200 - 5000 ABOVE FOLLOWERS: -Valkyrie Armor with Expiration Date of 1 Month Duration -Yggberry Box x50 -Megaphone x10 REWARD AFTER STREAM --- Streamer Reward Box x3 EVERY STREAM GIVEAWAY TO VIEWERS --- Streamer Giveaway Box x5 --- Streamer Reward Box x10 MONTHLY REWARDS Streamer with 200-700 followers - Streamer Starter Pack Only Streamer with 701-1999 followers - 30 Donation Points Streamer with 2000 and above followers -40 Donation Points Streamer with 5000 and above followers -50 Donation Points 1st Month Reward (New streamer will undergo a 1 month probation wherein we are going to observe your stream performance but worry not you can do any content that you want as long as it is related to RagnaForce HOW TO JOIN? Fill up this application form Full Name: Email: Which platform are you going to use for streaming? Facebook? Twitch? What is your Facebook Page link? Number of followers: How long have you been streaming? How many years have you been playing Ragnarok Online? Do you have knowledge on custom star wars classes? Schedule of your daily stream: Send your application here https://discord.gg/xYtefVzrvb in Streamer-Applicants Channel All application will be reviewed and all qualified application will undergo on Discord interview. Note to every streamers: Once accepted ---We are going to provide the give-away for ever stream. ---You must use it properly because we are going to check your streams and how you handle those giveaway items. ---Having a webcam is really not necessary as long as you have a mic so that you can answer your viewer questions. It's all good! ---We have the rights to cancel our partnership if you consistently fail streaming. All the rewards will be waived.
  7. Excavation Site (Monster Hunting Grounds) This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server. Introduction There's a group of archaeologists who discovered an old civilization underneath the grounds. Now, the adventurers tasks is to assist them in finding relics and fossils for their studies. Commands @mh : Warps the player automatically on the Archaeologists headquarters. @mhtime : Displays the duration and cool down of your access for the Excavation Site. @mhpoint : Displays how many Fossils gathered inside the Excavation Site. Getting Started! In order to join their excavation, the player needs to first enter their headquarters. The player can access the headquarters by using the @mh command or talk to the archaeologist on midgard 192 169. Upon entering to the headquarters, the player must pay a registration fee of 10,000,000 Zeny to 'Professor Njord' in order for them to access the Excavation Site. This registration will only be done once. When the player wants to access the excavation site, the player must pay 500,000 Zeny for the entry fee. There is a 3-hour duration when entering the Excavation Site and a 30-minute cool down after the duration is over. Entering the Excavation Site The Excavation Site consists of three levels. The first floor can be accessed by anyone who had paid their entry fee.. The second floor can be accessed by a party. The party must have at least five members from the first floor in order to access. The third floor is can be accessed by a guild. The guild must have at least ten (10) members from the second floor in order to access. Gathering Fossils Note : The player will not receive the shared Fossil from the party/guild when they are dead or idle for 30 seconds. There are two ways to gather fossils inside the Excavation Site. Killing the monsters Rescuing a Researcher For every floor, there are different modes on fossil gathering. Excavation Site F1 - Solo Mode Every time a player kills a monster on this floor, they can gather 1~2 Fossils. Every time a player rescues a researcher on this floor, they can gather 1~2 Fossils. Excavation Site F2 - Party Mode Every time a player kills a monster on this floor, the killer can gather 1~3 Fossils. All party members will also receive 1 Fossil. Every time a player rescues a researcher on this floor, all party members will receive 1 Fossil. Excavation Site F3 - Guild Mode Every time a player kills a monster on this floor, the killer can gather 2~4 Fossils. All of the guild members will also receive 1 Fossil. Every time a player rescues a researcher on this floor, all party members will receive 1 Fossil. Exchanging Fossils to Paleo Badge The player can exchange their 10 Fossils to 1 Paleo Badge. Top Fossil Discoverers This will show who gathered most of the Fossils from the Excavation Site. Artifacts Shop The players can trade their Paleo Badge to this shop. This will be changed from time-to-time.
  8. Armor Enchantment This is a custom feature in Ragnaforce Server. Introduction Armor Enchantment lets the players' armor/shield/robe/footgear/headgear to strengthen their stats and resistance. Command To access the Armor Enchanter, use the @npc enchant. List of Enchantment Orbs Upper Headgear HP + 1~3% SP + 1~3% Body Armor STR + 1~3 AGI + 1~3 VIT + 1~3 INT + 1~3 DEX + 1~3 LUK + 1~3 Shield (Damage Taken Reduction) Formless + 1~3% Undead + 1~3% Brute + 1~3% Plate + 1~3% Insect + 1~3% Fish + 1~3% Demon + 1~3% Demi-Human + 1~3% Angel + 1~3% Dragon + 1~3% Garment/Robe (Damage Taken Reduction) Neutral + 1~3% Water + 1~3% Earth + 1~3% Fire + 1~3% Wind + 1~3% Poison + 1~3% Holy + 1~3% Shadow + 1~3% Ghost + 1~3% Undead + 1~3% Footgear ATK + 1~3% MATK + 1~3% Ranged ATK + 1~3% Success Rate Level 1 Orb -> 25% Level 2 Orb -> 10% Level 3 Orb -> 3%
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