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A unique and private, free to play 255/100 Ragnarok Online server. A spin-off from the most successful private server released in 2005, our server is based on the famous Starwars film featuring Padawan, Sith and the Jedi classes. Ragnaforce is guaranteed to give you a one of a kind gaming experience. Balanced classes, strict and upgraded server security, advanced anti-duping and third party program protection. Ragnaforce Management and staff has had their titles prior to their expertised to offer you the best, fast, fair-play gaming services. So get ready and come play with us! May the Ragnaforce be with you, see you in-game!

Server Rates
  • 10000x Base Experience
  • 10000x Job Experience
  • 1000x Drop Rates
  • 10% Normal Cards
  • 5% MVP Cards
  • 1% Rare MVP Cards
Basic Information
  • PK Server
  • Episode 13.2 : Encounter with the Unknown
  • Pure 2-2 Transcendent Classes with Custom Star Wars Jobs
  • Max Level : 255 (Base) | 100 (Job)
  • Max Stats : 255
  • Instant Cast : 150 DEX
  • Max Storage and Guild Storage : 600
  • Server Time Zone : GMT + 8
  • Main Language : English
  • Max Party Members : 30
  • Max Guild Capacity : 76
  • Guild Member WoE Cap : 28
  • Guild Alliance is disabled during WoE times
  • Max Character Slots : 15
Game and Hosts
  • Multi-Client : Enabled
  • Adelay System (Anti-Speed Hack/No Delay)
  • Gepard Shield 3.0
  • Server Location : Los Angeles
  • Server Hosted : NFO Server
Available Commands
  • alootid, aoes, autoloot, autorefresh, autotrade, battleinfo, changegm, changeleader, circle, coincheck, commands2, dailies, dailiesnotify, garbage, go, guildskill, guildstorage, hold, hominfo, homstats, homtalk, iteminfo, jailtime, joinkoe, lgp, listenpvp, market, marketkill, me, mobinfo, noask, nobc, noks, npc, packetfilter, pettalk, pk, refresh, request, security, seeitems, shake, showdelay, showexp, showzeny, square, storage, storeequip, storeitem, time, train, viewpk, warp, whereis, whobuy, whodrops, whosell, woerank
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