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Carefully read our Buy Policy before making any transactions. We will not be held liable for item losses, and buyer's remorse.

Ragnaforce Paypal Donation

Conversion Rate
1 USD 1 Donation Ticket & Bonus Force Point

Paypal Donation Guide

  • Please PM Danzou™ on Facebook
  • For Security Purposes we have change the Paypal payment method. Please ask Admins for detailed information.

Bonus Reward

Every 25 USD you donated or more you will receive a Gift Package that contains In-Game supplies.

Bonus Gift Package
25 USD Gift Package 1
30 USD Gift Package 2
35 USD Gift Package 3
40 USD Gift Package 4
45 USD Gift Package 5
50 USD Special Package
Hover the Gift Package name to view what's inside.

Step by Step:

  • Check out our in-game shops and take note of the shop points of your desired item.
  • Follow the new Paypal Payment Guide.
  • After transaction, send an e-mail to with the following:
  • Subject Paypal Donation
    Transaction ID
    Character Name
    Account Username
    Paypal Name
    Papyal E-Mail
    Amount Sent
    Attach or Send the receipt photo.

We will process your request as soon as we recieve your e-mail. It is our duty to process all transactions in a timely manner.
Your Donation Points will be automatically added to your account that you provided through e-mail by the Admin.